Extended family relationships


I’m curious here, just wondering what kind of relationships you have or had with your grandparents, etc? There are a couple of divorces in my family, so I have a step-grandmother living in California. My others live in Missouri and Utah and I grew up adoring all three of them. Of course I still love them and my grandfathers dearly. They teach me so much and are always so great to talk to, it’s too bad I don’t see them more often. The phone is the next best thing, right? Every Saturday I start my weekend making a phone call to all three of my grandmothers, starting in St Louis and I work my way West to California. I’ve been doing that for several years now. I’ve received so many thanks from my parents, aunts, and uncles for “keeping them so much in my life”. I hear that some of my cousins *might *send a card for their birthdays and Christmas, I think that’s sad and I know they’re missing out. So it makes me wonder how many other grandchildren keep in touch with their grandparents like I do?


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