'extra' sins?

This question came up to me recently and was looking for some answers.

Are there instances where certain sins have an extra component to them that need to be confessed separately?

For example say there is a teenager who commits the sin of watching pornography on the internet. It’s obvious he should confess the sin of watching pornography, but is he also committing a separate sin of using his parents’ internet service for a sinful purpose? Is such a thing a separate, ‘extra’ sin that needs to be confessed separately? Or is this just an inconsequential circumstance?

I’m imagining a similar scenario where a teen borrows their parents car and breaks a traffic law, would there also be two sins involved here, breaking the law, and misusing the parents’ car to do so?

I would not consider the circumstances you described as needing to be stated in the confessional. Of course the pornography & traffic sins need to be confessed, but the circumstances surrounding them does not seem to seriously impact the grievousness of the sins.

In the confessional, we must confess any circumstances that alter the grievousness of our sins. It isn’t an extra or separate sin, it’s just a circumstance that makes the sin more or less grievous. For example, stabbing a priest or lying to your parents versus stabbing/lying to a random guy on the street. You would need to explicitly say that you stabbed a religious or lied to your parents since this makes the sins more grievous by adding the element of sacrilege to the stabbing & dishonor to your parents to the lie.

The circumstances/details are not important; if the priest needs more information, he will ask.

We need to confess any complications that affect the species of the sin Source].

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