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I was hoping to find some help in regards to a Sunday missal for the Extraordinary Form I have recently come into possession of. I feel this is the most appropriate topical-section to post in though I beg forgiveness if that is not the case.

I am not new to the Extraordinary Form, though it is only recently that I am trying to attend every Sunday. For this, my grandmother has allowed me to use a Sunday missal that belonged to her sister. It’s old and the covers are being held together with tape though that isn’t an issue; I love old books!

What is an issue though is the dating. The only date I can find is beneath the Imprimatur, June 1944. So I think it is safe to assume that the missal isn’t in accordance with the current 1962 Missale Romanum used to celebrate the Extraordinary Form!

I would like to know if using this 1944 missal will cause any problems? What is different in the Rite of the Mass contained within the 1962 missal compared with earlier editions (within a frame of twenty years, I would say)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I’m sure you will get a good response from others with regards to compatibility of your missal with the EF Mass you attend. My guess is that the only real problems will be with Holy Week ceremonies and the fact that St. Joseph isn’t in the Canon of the Mass.

If you are looking for an updated Sunday Missal, I’d recommend this one:

My Sunday Missal

It fits neatly in your pocket and is very well done.

Aah yes. I have read of this before :thumbsup:!

If you are looking for an updated Sunday Missal, I’d recommend this one:

My Sunday Missal

It fits neatly in your pocket and is very well done.

Thank you for the recommendation! Yes, I intend to pick up this missal (though from a UK seller), when funds allow that is!


You should have very few problems using this family heirloom on Sundays. I use a 1945 version of the St. Andrews Daily Missal. For Sundays, the propers will be the same. You may notice that there are recommendations for a second or third Collect, Secret, or Postcommunion. Most of these multiple propers were suppressed in the '62 Missal except where certain feast days occur that commemorate multiple saints or feasts. Some feast days also had a proper Last Gospel, said on certain days in place of the ordinary Last Gospel of St. John, most of which were suppressed in the '62 Missal.

There will also be a couple of newer feast days honoring more recently canonized saints and also some added feast days like St. Joseph the Workman, as well as an additional votive Mass in '62 that will be missing from the '44.

There will also be extra readings during the masses of Holy Week that were suppressed in the 1962 Missal.

Aside from these few specific changes, you can follow the Sunday Mass perfectly from the '44 Missal. Most of the changes mentioned above apply to Weekday Masses.

Also, may I recommend the Missal of Bl. John XXIII from Aquinas and More?

It is pricy…but q.u.a.l.i.t.y. Though, the Sunday Missal that was already recommended is superb! What I will use!

other than page diffrences and other minor changes i think you’ll be cool

I use 1955 (I think…somewhere in the 50s) and I haven’t had any problems! I :heart: old books too. I found this one in my old Novus Ordo parish’s library, and I wonder what its story was before it found me :slight_smile:

I thank you all for your very helpful replies, most especially yours giuseppeTO :thumbsup:!

this low cost edition was out by Roman Catholic Books when the EF was promoted
it is great for bulk purchasing from interested parishes to sell or make available, and hope we do all we can to support it, cover says it is the 1962 edition
I only saw it once because my brother grabbed it, but if we move closer to the EF parish here I will order it again (he also stole my St. Andrew missal I saved from my school days, well I told him he could have it because he was in TLM parish at the time)


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