Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion at Indult TLM?

Do indult TLMs use EMHCs at their liturgies, or does it depend on the community?

What about FSSP Masses?

The word minister means, “One who acts by right of His office, the lawful person to administer, for example, a sacrament” (Catholic Dictionary).

  1. Vatican II canons allow a lay person to distribute communion but cannot perform the Eucharistic prayers.

  2. In the Traditional Canon Law, the law that the Tridentine Mass follows no lay person can distribute communion only the ordained ministers has the right to give communion and do other rites.

I prefer a priest to give communion than an extraordinary minister even when I was still attending the Novus Ordo Missae.

Instaurare omnia in Christo!!!

Yes, I’m aware of this… and it still doesn’t answer my original question about EMHCs at the TLM, indult or not.


THe simple and complete answers is NO.

Outside of Altar boys the rubrics do not allow for the laity to be “behind the fence”. Since communion is distributed with the recipient kneeling at the altar rail EMHCs are impossible.

Why would there need to be EMHCs at the TLM? Remember at the extraordinary Mass only the host is offered, No precious blood is distributed.

THe 1962 missal has its own General instruction…in which the ruberics allow for NO wiggle room.

Given the logistics of distributing the Blessed Sacrament during the Vetus Ordo, it would make the use of EMsHC impossible.

No, not in ANY TLM mass.

As other posters have said, only the priests (and deacons), and the altar servers are allowed in the sanctuary for a 1962 Mass. There might not be as much need for extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion as you think. Priest friends of mine who offer the 1962 Mass say that it is much quicker to distribute Holy Communion to people kneeling at the altar rail than to people standing in a line.

Also, back in the “old days” (I don’t know about at today’s celebration of the Vetus Ordo) not everyone and his brother got up to receive the Eucharist, as not everyone was in a state of grace. Interestingly enough, the closest we come to that today is among the Hispanic population where I would guess not even half of the people receive the Eucharist on Sundays.

Yes, there are some cultures that are more scrupulous when it comes to receiving communion, including the TLM. That usually evens out though when confessions are available before Mass.

AS a comparison for time:
At a Lutheran parish I attended for a while, communion was at the altar rail, under both species, with 1 priest and one server. It took the average 500 communicants about the same time as the 800 at the Roman cathedral, in line, with 4 friars, to receive under one species.

All the Domincan Latin Masses I’ve attended have been private (and under 5 communicants), and thus communion was not a major issue in them.

Yeah, the problem with most Novus Ordo parishes is that the Sacrament of Penance is offered Saturday morning.

So then you have all day Saturday to “screw up” [edited by Moderator].

I agree !!!

And then you have cultures who do not sin at all. And who are you to judge if you ask why they cohabitate or use birth control? :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

The use of the Roman Missal of 1962 DOES NOT ALLOW a lay person to distribute Holy Communion. Not even a sub-deacon is allowed to touch the Sacred Host. The use of lay persons to distribute Holy Communion at the “Extraordinary Rite” is strictly forbidden.


:hmmm: I believe in the documents of Vatican II there exists no such canon. Blessed John XXIII must have rolled over in his grave when they came out with this practice.

If “Vatican II” allowed lay people to distribute Holy Communion please tell us where we can find it… and remember- the Mass of Vatican II is the 1962 Missal.


Methinks the TLM is tough enough for any layperson or priest; why introduce more potential for trouble, such as EMHC and females in the sanctuary? Let’s keep things simple. The MP was supposed to quiet all the controversy, not add to it.

It’s all in the spirit of Vatican II.:rolleyes: Hopefully none of these people will approach their priests with these ridiculous demands that the TLM get with the times and modernize itself. Ridiculous! They already have their innovations. Leave our Mass alone.

All right!!!:thumbsup:

This is what I am somewhat afraid of…that it will become liberalized and that soon you will see EMHC…altar boys that show little respect and guitars.

I just hope the TLM is left to be the beautiful rite it has always been.


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