Extraterrestrial life unfallen?

What if there is some other intelligent extraterrestrial life somewhere in the universe ? Wouldn’t it disprove what the Bible says about human beings, specifically the original sin /fall ? I mean, if those beings existed, would they be fallen? If they were unfallen why would they be living in the fallen universe where the laws of physics/life allow all sorts of catastrophes and accidents; this would make them mortal beings and thus fallen… ?
Thank you

That was the premise in the novel referenced in my sig below – contact between fallen humanity and an unfallen alien race, and how that interaction would affect each of us.

This is just a lot of speculation. First, there would have to be extraterrestrial life forms on another planet. Then, the question would be are they rational life forms (capable of knowing good and evil), or are they simply animals without a rational spirit.

Even assuming that they exist and have a rational spirit, then the question would be did they also fall themselves? Presumably they would not be affected by the sin of Adam and Eve who represented humanity. Presumably they also would of had some sort of test which they may have passed or failed. Even assuming that they passed their test, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are living in a fallen universe subject to laws of physics/life.

As it says in Genesis 2:15 “And the Lord God took man, and put him into the paradise of pleasure, to dress it and to keep it”. Could God have placed these beings into a separate place that he preserved from the rest of fallen nature where they would be unaffected by these things? I think the answer could be “yes”.

On the other hand, if they do exist and we come into contact with them, then I would say that would mean they are living in a fallen universe and are subject to the laws of physics/life/death and therefor must themselves be fallen creatures.

But at this point and time, it’s all just interesting speculation.

Very true. With the accent on “interesting.”

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