Extraterrestrial Lifef

I’m not quite sure where this belongs, but it begs a few questions. In fact, it begs many questions. There are a number of people who claim that they’ve seen aliens. Some claim that they speak via a form of telepathy, some think they don’t. There’s a lot of odd theories on this, and I’m confused. Most of it seems as if it’s New Age nonsense. Though there’s that nagging feeling that some of it might be true. Perhaps I’m being odd here, but all of these theories are just…Whacky. Thoughts? Opinions? Is there anything to prove or disprove this?

Oh, it’s true alright. But they are not from another planet. They’re from right along side us, right here. They enter our dimension, paralyze their victims, stick probes up their ying-yangs, and then tell the “abductee” that there is no God. Then they sneak off into the night
like cockroaches. They are demons, plain and simple. The age-old fairies, trolls, leprechauns, incubus, succubus and old hags back again in a modern, new-and-improved version of their wicked selves. My opinion, for what it’s worth.

No just your opinion. I attended a very convincing lecture on this recently.

Think about it. It’s really the only thing that would explain all the sexual stuff, etc.
The lecturer claimed that every single “abductee” who renounced Satan and claimed Jesus as Lord and Savior (lecturer’s words) was freed from any further problems.

Just saying you’re not alone.

My two cents is that God is big enough to have made life on other planets if He wanted to. I just don’t think the current manifestations of what *appear *to be such reflect anything but the demonic or … well … lets say psychological.

I feel safe in saying that the scientific community would agree that, although quite possible, there has been no credible evidence of alien life. People who have claimed to see or be abducted by aliens on Earth lack any credible evidence.

People say that the number of stars out there makes alien-life almost certain.

What they ignore is that the even greater cubic mileage between the stars makes “visitations” vanishingly unlikely.

The idea that such beings would find our world, let alone travel to it to perform sexual stuff to humans, etc, is so outlandishly unlikely that it is hardly worth thinking of.

I’d go with a “psychological” explanation.


I have studied this subject for a number of years.

  1. There is no evidence that aliens have visited the earth.

  2. There is no evidence of alien contact via telepathy. There are some psychological explanations.

  3. I think it’s safe to say that any reports of seeing aliens or telepathic communications are false and may be caused by certain mental states that some people experience.

There is a New Age connection that involves deception, but no aliens. Some cases involve false stories or lucid dreams that seem real to the person experiencing them. Some are hoaxes.

So, until we find extraterrestrial life, we have no evidence that now, or in the recent past, that anyone has seen a real alien.


Why couldn’t there be extra terrestrial life?

Sure there are hoaxes out there. But there are people who have seen some pretty strange stuff who are not inclined to even believe in it. Many are very credible.

I think people fear this too much so dismiss it. If there are extra terrestrials I am sure God can handle them.

I’ve read hundreds of cases. There is no evidence that whatever they saw came from another world. No fear. No evidence. No proof.


Where did you hear this lecture? I’m in the Pacific Northwest also and I would love to attend things like this.

Are we alone in the universe? Are UFO’s real? I honestly don’t know. But I think that for us to assume absolutely that God couldn’t and didn’t create other sentient beings in the unlimited vastness of creation would be egocentric or earth-centric. Why do we often suppose that if there is intelligent life out there in the universe that it would somehow negate our belief in God as opposed to confirming it even more?

Suppose like us God created other races, they would have had the same choice that Adam and Eve had that would be either to obey God or to disobey Him with the attached consequences of their decision. So it follows that there may be fallen races like us who sin and un-fallen races that would be like we should and would have been if we hadn’t fallen.

Like us, following God’s command to mankind they are about the business of subduing creation. That is progressing, inventing, exploring the world and the universe. As a fallen race we have often messed this up due to envy, greed, selfishness and sin in general. In doing so we wage war, pollute and destroy. If we hadn’t fallen we would be doing it without these things and that would be great!

Now suppose that from time to time some of these other races who had advanced further than us because they are smarter, were created earlier or developed faster visited us throughout our history. Keeping in mind that their races are either fallen or un-fallen how would they see us and react to us? If a fallen race visited us I think they may react in a similar way that our ancestors reacted to indigenous people when they discovered new lands here on earth. They would either consider them primitive and not worth their time or they would exploit them and their resources. They could be malevolent or indifferent. If an un-fallen race visited us and found us continually fighting among ourselves, not sharing our abundance and developing weapons that could ultimately wipe us all out, wouldn’t they think we were idiots and be saddened and disgusted by us? It would be like us mistakenly taking the family into a biker bar for brunch. We probably wouldn’t stay long!

The modern UFO era began in the US in 1947. The “aliens” have not destroyed our cities, enslaved our people or depleted our mineral supplies. I’m certain that people have seen disc-shaped aircraft but I’m certain that they are not from out there.


Have you ever heard of the investigation requested by Senator Byrd around the early 90s, done by then, National security adviser, Dick DaMato? They found direct evidence of a black arm of the Govt that had access to unlimited amounts of tax payer money to keep the entire alien presence/UFO topic secret.

You can Google this for yourself and read more about it.

There is also PLENTY of other Govt documents released thru FOIA that suggest our Govt does indeed know alot more than they are letting on. I have a Dept of Transportation document from the late 1950s that states in black and white, that the subject of UFOs is kept at a higher classified status than the H bomb.

Also keep in mind, many other nations have released their own UFO/alien documents

Seems to be a whole lot of paperwork and statements made by Govt officials over the years for something that some say does not even exist! LOL

This topic comes up mebbe once a year.

And I say the same: I’ll believe in aliens when I see them.


I love the Discovery videos. Scientists find water planet!
Water key component for life!
And all the other popular headlines.
Actually water is the most naturally occurring compound in the universe… Kind of deflates things a bit…
Necessary ingredients and fine tuning of said ingredients, for life, probably looks something more like this.


There’s a lot of cross-contamination going on with that.

Pax Christi.

Demons. Fallen angels. The enemy.

They work under cover of night and are up to no good.

They are evil.

God bless.


Please don’t waste time on ETs. If ETs have a message for mankind, we would have heard it by now. If they have to sneak into people’s backyard and do stuff in the darkness, we know what the Bible say about acts done in the dark and not in the light.

If God made them, and they want don’t want to be seen and contacted, then leave them alone. Perhaps they are angels in sci-fi uniforms, yunno , to keep up with the times, so that nerds and scifi-lovers can be reached via new age ways.:smiley:

The idea of flying saucers actually comes from a misquote in a typically popular newspaper. The pilot being interviewed was describing aerial maneuvers, being conducted by what was probably some test plan, being developed in secret.

The pilot said that the plane could move like a saucer shaped stone skipping through the water.
The pilot was describing the aerial capabilities of the plane, not giving a description.
But when the newspaper published his claims, the plane in question was described as a flying saucer.
And now all UFOs are saucers.

Wasn’t Hitler trying to develop these things?

Anyways it’s all a little silly tbh. Fun though I’m sure. Anyone remember the Canadian member of parliament claiming he had information the Us government was talking to aliens. Lol gives me a chuckle.

Would you truly?

Why are there so many Govt and military documents related to this topic if it does not truly even exist?

What about the tens of thousands of people who HAVE seen strange craft over the decades? sure, some are misidentifications, venus, space station, etc. but some sightings, the craft is hovering low enough to be seen in detail, their capabilities have also been seen close up.

I tend to think if these were truly experimental military planes, they would have at least some of this technology in use by now, since people have been seeing strange crafts going back to the 1800s, and how does that explain ANY craft before mankind could fly?

Im not sure I follow you? When a Govt official makes a statement, do you always not believe them?

I can give you 100s of US Govt officials that have made credible statements regarding extraterrestrial life/ aliens. I even had a US senator leave a voice mail reply to a letter I had sent him, he clearly tells me “they keep all that infomation highly classified, so I can not help you with your question”…I still have the voicemail too, I can upload it.

What about the countless Govt and military documents that specifically talk about this topic? seems like alot of documents for something that does not exist.

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