Extraterrestrials in Catholic Christianity

Is there a scripture basis for possible belief in extraterrestrials in Roman catholic belief?

As, in, do we take any verses in scripture or private revelations or other Church teaching as telling us there are (intelligent) extraterrestrials? No, we do not.

There are some with strong opinions that the answer is “no”, but there’s no definite Church teaching that they exist or not.

What about the unknown messengers concept?

Whether there is extraterrestial life that is rational, intelligent, and possibly even possessed of an immortal soul, is neither confirmed nor denied by Scripture. Our Lord did say that He had “other sheep that are not of this flock”. We have no idea what He meant by this.

Bottom line, we just don’t know, nor has Our Lord seen fit to reveal this to us. We may never know.


The Bible and the Catholic Church does affirm extra-terrestrials called angels and demons. These are spirit-beings and do not have a physical body like we do.

However, angels do seem to take on physical bodies at times for a particular mission.

Jesus Christ was God Incarnate in human form. He did this so that He could redeem a sinful human race and so that we could obtain generous mercy rather than strict justice.

Jesus Christ did not redeem angels. Fallen angels became demons and will stay that way.

Any alien race with free will could sin and if so, they would need a Redeemer.

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  1. This is a 20th century innovation in thought, for the most part. Not absolutely.
  2. We do not rely 100% n a scriptural basis for anything, as Christ, the Apostles and their teaching preceded the scriptures.
  3. If there is such a thing, would it not have been revealed?

Still, this fascination with extraterrestrial life baffles me.


So Jesus is not an alien but a poor loser of life due paying for sins of sons of Adam?

Earthly life is temporary. The eternal state is eternal.

Jesus Christ said that many that are first will be last and many last will become first. Many pile up earthly treasures but Jesus said to lay up treasure in heaven.

Our mortal bodies will dissolve but our eternal state will endure forever (1 Corinthians 15).

Many take precautions to protect against earthly risk but eternal risk is much greater.

Jesus, Joseph and Mary were poor on earth but their state in eternity will be glorious.

In that sense, of course there are “extra-terrestrials”. I was referring to material beings with souls, in other words, intelligent beings who are not descended from Adam and Eve, if indeed such entities exist. They may, or they may not.

Jesus Christ could qualify an extra-terrestrial. He came down from heaven (John 6:51).

The Virgin Mary conceived by the extra-terrestrial power of the Holy Spirit.

I read a near death experiencer who reported dying and talking to Jesus. He asked Jesus and Jesus said “”the universe is full of life”. So that’s private revelation, and not a catholic. So no one can really say, but I thought his account was credible. I can only guess but my guess is then , yes it’s full of life!

There isn’t even a scriptural basis for requiring a scriptural basis for anything . . l


There are also related points raised here:

It doesn’t baffle me. In an age when we have abandoned faith, there is a fear that this is it, no meaning beyond what we see. That terrifies people, so they are separate to know “we are not alone”.

We have no evidence of such.

It’s not mentioned in scripture anywhere but I think the earliest known writing of a Catholic bishop talking about evangelizing extraterrestrial life was in the eastern Roman Empire in the 400s with a theoretical device (an ornithopter) that used steam power to travel to the moon.

A lot of people in the medieval ages assumed that moon men lived on the moon and that they had their own kingdoms and kings. There wasn’t necessarily a solid basis for this belief but human nature was the same in the past as it today and people like the idea of strange people living on other worlds. It appeals to our sense of adventure and curiosity and all that.

Nor evidence against either so…possibilities are open.

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Very true. We are free to believe either way. The paucity of evidence makes it really difficult for me. It’s almost like believing in unicorns or Bigfoot.

The poster seems to have an unscrupulous intention. I have noted similar posters trying to test the waters of faith.

But taken it’s face value, I go to the extent to suggest that the UFOs indicate the viability of ascension of Christ for the disbelievers.

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