Extreme Cold Weather Snap Contributes to Electricity Records in Alberta, Canada



Extreme Cold Weather Snap Contributes to Electricity Records in Alberta, Canada



Yes, . I also saw Chicago broke record depths on their 1st snowfall of the season( 6-91/2").Global warming is upon us.:slight_smile:


Hope the place warms up , going to Vancouver & Anchorage in late April


I don’t know what anchorage will be like, but Vancouver is usually pretty mild in April. Rainy, but mild.


You realize that Vancouver is not even remotely close to Alberta…?
We rarely get snow here and it is rarely below freezing. It just rains all winter. In April we will be in full spring mode… it will be relatively warm and somewhat less rainy :smiley:


They’re both in Canada, that’s all Americans need to know :).
A really informed American knows that Toronto & Quebec are on the right side and Alberta & Vancouver are more leftward.


Good point. Translation for our American friends: The distance between Edmonton and Vancouver is roughly the distance between Seattle and Las Angeles or from Pheonix to Houston.


I’m an idiot. I was comparing distance to travel by car, not by air. Sigh…

It is more like from Portland, OR to Butte, MT or from New York, NY to Columbus, OH


Extreme cold in Antarctica, as well.

There is a new reality television program from Antarctica.

But the U.S. Coast Guard has dispatched an ice breaker there that is 40 years old and keeps breaking down.

They need the ice breaker to clear a 20 mile long path to allow cargo ships to unload fuel, food and other cargo.

Anyway, here is the latest cooooold weather / cliimate info:


There is also the El Nino and La Nina which no body seems to understand.


We’re now in La Nina conditions which, for my part of the country, is accompanied by colder and drier winter conditions than average. hate the thought of it.


It’s a temperate rain forest climate.


And I’m sure most New Yorkers would be shocked to learn that we Vancouverite Canadians find your winter’s unbearable :P. Most of the northern / eastern states are far too cold for us here on Canada’s west coast. I remember when I was in Minnesota, a border state, informing people that I was from Canada. “Oh it must be so cold up there!”. Umm…Minnesota’s winters are killer…far, far rougher than anything Vancouver would ever experience. Then when I clarified that I was from Vancouver I would get “oh is that near Toronto?”. Yeah…only a 5 hour FLIGHT away! Drives me nuts. Yes we have 1/10th your population, but we share a border and are each other’s biggest trading partners.

Its also counter-intuitive to most Americans that a good 30-40% of Canadians live SOUTH of the northern States… the border isn’t a straight line. Southern Ontario / Quebec dip pretty far south. I worked in Toronto for a year…I had American co-workers who were fond of saying they “moved south to Canada” as they had come from northern Michigan.


Yes it is. Of course as I type I am working at a remote location in Northern BC just across from the Alaska border…and it is nothing close to temperate up here :smiley:


Boreal forest, or beyond?


Here’s a fun video about the US/Canada border. It gets into why the supposedly straight border is wildly zig-zaggy, along the border all trees &c are chopped down so the invisible line on the map will be visible &c.


Thank you for Shareing that,, I was actually looking at the border a couple days ago,

And they mentioned the bits I looked at, some more out of the way places for my Bucket list


“*wildly not to scale” :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:
That was awesome. I still don’t totally understand that Northwest Angle thing. :shrug:

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