Extremely hardened earwax

A slightly gross topic but for the last couple of years I have been getting incredibly hardened impacted earwax building up every few months in my right ear in particular. I don’t use q-tips, I don’t use in-ear headphones very often and I don’t listen to excessively loud music and have not for years. It is getting quite annoying as every so often it causes an ear infection that then requires antibiotics to quell, Of all things I’ve found almond oil helps to sort the problem out and softens the wax but amount of wax produced by the right ear is ludicrous and my doctor was amazed by it. She used micro suction to clear it out at one stage but it keeps returning. Right now it seems better but I can tell when it is getting

Unless a CAF member is an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist, this sounds like a topic best left for your doctor. I know I am nowhere near qualified to respond with anything more than a sympathetic ear. Have had impaction issues myself and know they are no fun.
Best of luck

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I was hoping someone might have a home remedy. Almond oil has worked quite well for now and is controlling it, Doctor has said to stick with that now as its natural and does not dry the ear out. Certainly awful at one point last year where I went to a concert with my wife and had to leave because the ear ache was so excruciating, doctor cleaned the ear out the next day and it was like boulders coming out.

I am sorry about your ear, but, as you indicated, this is a pretty gross thread all the same. However, you might try a few drops of hydrogen peroxide poured in the ear. Don’t overdo it. I swim a lot in lakes and salt water through the summer and I often get swimmer’s ear by Aug/Sept. For me it is just a swelling of the ear canal, kind of what happens sometimes on the plane, landing. Sound gets a little muffled, very slight discomfort, not pain. I pour hydrogen peroxide in my ears, like half a capful if that. Once a day for not more than a week - goes away just like that. I don’t know if this will help since you don’t know what is causing the basic problem (my doctor diagnosed swimmer’s ear at a physical). Maybe do the peroxide one or two days, then alternate with almond oil. The oil might not be the best way to cut wax and it won’t kill bacteria.

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