Extremely sad question on yahoo answers

Through the Immaculate Heart,

I am a member of yahoo answers and I sometimes search for questions which other people ask in order to give them advice. Mainly, I try to help those who have suffered from rape or sexual abuse and they make me very sad but just yesterday, one of the questions I found was so intensely sad and disturbing that I just had to write this thread. I’m not going to reveal who wrote this question or mention her username but I just have to write this thread. I’m sorry if I use some mildly bad language but I’m very mad and angry at whoever did this.

This girl who is in her teenage years said that she had alot of (bastard:mad:) friends who would not only drink with her but would dare her to ‘play’ with them in order to perform sexual intercourse with them. She was ten years old and she said that she slept with practically six boys, who were either the same age or much older (15/16 years).

The worst thing is that the poor girl has a great depression and doesn’t want to report them because she says that they did everything cosensually. They did not do anything cosensually, because she didn’t know that what she was doing was wrong, they would call her ‘chicken’ when she didn’t want to, and if they were caught, they’d end up years and years in jail for child sexual abuse:mad:. It would serve them right, getting them to taste a bit of hell here on earth:banghead:. The poor girl thinks that it is her fault but it isn’t. She was a child who didn’t know what she was doing. AMong other things, she probably was influenced to do those ‘dares’ because in television, if a child doesn’t do a dare he will be labelled a coward and an evil person who doesn’t know how to have fun. In fact, how many of you remember the dares which you set up on your friends when you were young? I bet you HARDLY remember them at all. Besides, even if you were not to do a dare which is otherwise completely innocent, you wouldn’t be sinning in the least. Tell that to the stupid media which give our children such nauseating television shows which are filled with crude and toilet humor and alot of violence. Shows especially notorious for all of this are cartoons such as The Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy and practically ALL of the pointless shows which the Disney channel offers.

I hope this thread makes people aware of the dangers which the media puts your children in and the occasions of danger in which they could fall. For all rape victims, for those who don’t who don’t report their ordeal and for all victims of child abuse, this is for you. The song was inspired by the tragedy of Kitty Genovese who was raped and murdered while 36 of her neighbours stood and did absolutely nothing, even though some of them saw her dragging herself to her apartment and hearing her screaming at the top of their lungs. Nothing, they did absolutely nothing, not even call the police. It is said that one of them turned his radio full on just so as to not hear her. The song is called the Sounf of Silence: youtube.com/watch?v=4zLfCnGVeL4

If people want to see the original question, it is right here: answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Aj6i9doB7kvs3KLantqZIhYjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20110311030208AAw7jtr

The first answer up is very disturbing too!!! And I reported one a couple of answers under that.


I think it is terrible - if this is a true story - that a person like this has nowhere else to go but posting such a thing on Yahoo Answers. Just pathetic that this is the support she turns to.


While it is a terrible tragedy I think you are being too hard on the kids who were still teenagers and of the age that had an adult messed with them it would be rape. Those teens were just as much victims of peer pressure and had it been one on one and not a group chances are it wouldn’t have happened. There was an article recently about a teen on a field trip who jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge (and survived in good condition!) on a dare from his classmates. Peer pressure is tremendous among teens and it can lead good kids to do bad things.

momor, I had the same thought in regards to those children who were her same age: they MUST have been abused or have been told about such things, but not towards those teenagers. It is extremely probable that they abused her not because they were inspired from a past abuse but because they were simply evil perverts who got inspired to do bad from the violent news stories which they heared about. A few years ago, here in Malta, a 16 years old boy abused the young daughter of one of his dad’s friends and got sued in court.:frowning:

This story is all over the news at the moment…and I wondered if it was the same case.


But this girl is still 11, and has been raped by males of various ages, from middle school to adult.

Isn’t this terrible?

I don’t mena to use bad words, but drat, damn it:mad:. Those scoundrels at Yahoo have deleted the question again, even if it didn’t go against community guidelines and even if there are thousands of other questions by people who say that they have been abused. Even though it is totally dreadful, it isn’t surrising because Yahoo is that same scoundrel company who betrayed innocent Chinese people to the communist government:mad: so that their servers may not get deleted in China and so keep the money:mad:. Thats love and ggenerosity to you. A guy even called them “… but morally, you are pygmies.”

I believe that you need to calm down & don’t take Y!A seriously.

It is obvious that this user you are speaking about is a troll and also, it does **not **appear that Y!A deleted the question ~ it appears that the user deleted the question.

Why do I believe the user deleted the question,… it’s because she/he posted the same question 2 other times and they are still out there.

Also, in “her” original question, she said she was 15 - today she posted 3 new questions stating that she is 14 & was nearly raped by some dude “she” met on the internet.

I’m linking her Y!A profile - so check it out.

She also answered a silly stupid question about 11 hours ago - and didn’t seem to be stressed out about “her” life issues.


I’ve been on Y!A since it was created and I’ve seen my share of idiot trolls.

When the site was created it was wonderful ~ now the kids got hold of it and it’s a shame to what they’ve done to it.

Oh, jakasaki, thanks. I sincerely didn’t know that she was trolling:p. Talka bout disrespect.

I don’t mean to go off topic but I really need to calm down. I really do need help and I’m here to ask for some (Catholic) advice. Alot has passed in the last year for me. Please don’t think that I’m trying to seek pointless attention because I’m not. I need advice.

No worries Philip Marie - just don’t take Y!A too seriously.

I never once thought of you or your thread as "trying to seek pointless attention.

Take care & I hope you get the answers you seek…!!

Best regards

I don’t mean to send my misery upon others but here it goes: For one thing, I have become very lukewarm in my devotion towards the Blessed Virgin and my faith. I stopped frequently reading Catholic books and visiting websites and neglected prayer and I feel that I have lost every sense of love which i had. It was all because of the mystery of predestination. I got a hatred for God and struggled with accepting Mary being the Mother of Mercy which She is always called. I admit that I tried building my devotion again but I either got discouraged, fell and started using the things of the world to satisfy my sadness. I took up cooking (which I’m trying to quit because my mum is always complaining how slow I cook), and became addicted to searching for information on the internet. I spent hours searching the internet searching for information which i didn’t even need and while I never did see anything pornographic, I even viewed murders and disturbing videos so as to see what they consist of and skimming through, I even developed the bad habit of looking at the indecently dressed females in photos:(:blush: I never looked at anything which really was lustful and if there was a woman who was obviously dressed indecently, I avoided the picture at all costs. However, I searched about everything relating to sexuality: I searched about fetishes, different types of sex, psychological effects of rape and sexual abuse, even what people actually think during it for crying out loud:mad::blush:.e
I started to doubt whether the Blessed Virgin really loves me because compared to the Saints, I’m not just a little baby in virtue: I am nothing, zero, total lost. I feel that no matter what I do I am going to be damned and that I deserve it and I feel that maybe, just maybe the Blessed Virgin doesn’t love me and that She doesn’t support my will to become a saint yet I know it isn’t true, because my frequent rises and falls have proven that She really does give me grace to live in virtue and Even more than that, She is always giving me clean thoughts and inspirations which not only have made my do acts of virtue, they even inspired me to write the book which I am writing which is aobut Her and She is going to be the main character.

I became really bitter and angry. I would literally jump around in anger when I read a sad story, I started having violent thoughts about killing the evil people of the world. I took up cooking in order to escape from my problems which obviously failed because you cannot be happy in the rubbish which the world offers you.

You are a very gracious person. If anyone told me to calm down I’d likely tell them off. To my ears it’s like saying “what you think or feel is important, isn’t”.

I have alot of family problems too. It doesn’t have anything to do with finance nor am I on bad erms with my parents. In fact, me and my dad are very, very close, closer than we ever were. After the Blessed Virgin, he is my best and only friend. I don’t have any friends whom I can meet, the only decent people I ever meet are mostly on Catholic Answers and some commenters on you tube and thats it. I’m not saying this to whine and complain in self pity but even in school I didn’t have any real friends aside from one kid whom I really bullied:(. I was a terrible friend and I soemtimes made him cry too, even though we used to enjoy each others company very much and we always exchanged jokes. We played the same game (I don’t play anymore though thank goodness) and we wrote a very funny book on it (Batnoob!). I came up with the ideas and he used to draw. It was very funny with Batnoob having a Butler called Fred (not Alfred) and always killing people (not very funny, except the bit where they R.I.P (rest in pixels)). We used to read comics and share them, read non-fiction children’s books and all that. When I converted, I removed all those empty interests although I could have retianed my sense of humor (at that time, ignorant as I was in the faith, I didn’t know that you could joke:blush:) and I bugged him so much for being a sinner and for not attending church that he ignored me from then on. I felt empty all day long after he got angry at me for bugging him at that christmas party:(. It serves me right, he deserved better friends than a stupid, ignorant selfish bastard like me, because he was a very nice lad, very polite but he was also a bit shy. When I introduced him to that game however, he did remove alot of his shyness which was good, probably from interacting with the community in the game.
What ‘friends’ I had just, weren’t friends. They would laugh in secret at me and one of them just pretended to be my friend. He would always tell me that we are supposed to be friends when inreality, the stupid, indecent scum would always try to touch me in order to get on my nerves:mad:. It was extremely embaressing, and the worst thing is that even other schoolboys would do the same thing. I can swaer that if anybody tries ever doing that again, I’ll beat the stuffing out of them in order to teach them to respect a persons dignity:mad::banghead:.

Anyway, back to family problems. My parents are still together and I know that they always will be. In fact, we don’t have serious family problems such as a member dealing with drug problems or a parent being unfaithful. Even despite rheir flaws, such as having a habit of swearing and all that, my dad always listens to what I have to say. We can speak for hours about the Catholic Church, Mary, religions, conspiracy theories, films and literature, etc… I even pull prnaks on him, such as when I made a mannequin resembling Michael Myers in order to scare him or when we pulled the coke bomb prank on my mum. The real problem is my 13 year old sister who is VERY selfish and manipulative and who hates me. I’m not kidding or exagerating it, my sister does hate me. She NEVER speaks to me: I have to start a conversation which she always dismisses by saying that she doesn’t have the appetite of talking to me.

Calm down! there is no need to get angry at people you know!

Anyway, my sister hates me. She doesn’t want me to speak to her friends and when I tried speaking to her friend who was a seventeen year old boy (my age!) she went, grabbed me and angrily kicked me out of her room. When I told her about the incident, she said that she’d ‘humiliate me’ again. Really, she humiliated me by becoming the She hulk in front of her friend. As if I care what her frivolous friends think about me.

She is manipulative and rude. The stupid media has practically brainwashed her and alot of the children of today because she acts just like the stupid sitcom characters who are supposed to be ‘role models’. Yes, people such as Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, the Jonas Brothers are good role models at being selfish, rude, crude, materialistic, unloving and all that. Disney channel and people who write programs for children don’t know the meaning of love and clean education, or we wouldn’t have immodest dress, graphic kissing and adult content on TV.

She says she hates my dad when in fact because he told her gently but firmly that she just can’t let her friends stay over until after midnight. One of her friends comes at out house every single day and he stays even until 2 in the morning or at midnight, even when my sister has school. She can wind my mum with her little finger: she misses school ALOT, my mum blames her teachers for being incompetent for her falling marks instead of admitting that she is just being lazy, and allows her to do whatever she wants. Just today, when my dad told her that she can’t have sleepovers with her friend who is a boy (I mean, a seventeen year old boy sleeping close to a thirteen year old girl? My dad said OK at first, but felt guilty in the morning and resolved to tell her to not do that thing). What did my sister do? She started a pointless, awful panic, left the house with her friend to enjoy the night, came back, took a shower :mad:, and went out again. She is so selfish and presumptuous, dad only told her that they can’t sleep in the same room. And don’t think that she treats my dad like this because of some past abuse or because he favors me because that would be a pointless and silly argument. Neither me nor my sister nor my mother have suffered ANY abuse from my dad who has suffered years and years trying to keep and preserve this family. If there was a person who suffered emotional abuse it has to be him. My mother hates my dads parents and with with legitimate reason though, because they never showed him any love so she feels for him as a spouse. But man, she exaggerates it to a whole new level. She doesn’t want him to contact them at all, she is always accusing him without the slightest drop of proof that he is collecting money so as to go to England with them (they live in England not in Malta) and a few years back, she made his life a living hell by telling us complete lies about him trying to collect money, about how he loves English women and all that (no offense to English people though, because me and my dad and my sister are half Scottish:))… When I converted, I started to realize that everything which my mum said was utter garbage because that is the only way to explain her empty drivel. I love my mum and I know that she love us all but she can try to be manipulative too and that is sick. Other than that though, both my parents have a loving relationship to wards each other even though my mum does make it a bit difficult and even though my dad can be a bit angry and crude sometimes.

I’m not saying all this as a biography of my life, I need advice. How do I handle my sister? What should I do to help my dad pass through these difficult times? How do I take control of the situation? How do I pull my spiritual life together again? Please, I need help. This isn’t the job for a counselor. Without meaning to offend, I don’t trust counselors and psychologists. Alot of them don’t offer genuine help. Once, my dad took me to a psychologist because he was worried of my change in behavior. After just five minutes, he psychologist just gave me a prescription for some expensive pills and charged my poor dad forty euros. It turned out that instead of solving anything, those pills were actually going to kill me because they made me ill, they made me dizzy and after an angry rant from the (devout catholic) family doctor, stopped taking them after two days. We need to solve this problem on our own.

If you are refering to my above post informing “philipmarie” as to calm down …

I was refering to Yahoo Answers with a troll user which is the basis of this thread.

Other than that… I did NOT do anything else.

Are you a Y!A user…???

I think I need to change the topic. I don’t really have such serious problems.

I found this video on you tube. People should see it, because, even though it is a bit disturbing, with graphic pictures of disease and deformities, it should still be seen as it shows the terror and pointlessness of war: youtube.com/watch?v=LYzJLzTZduk

There are two stories in the news related to such a thing.
One, a teen girl took her 10 yr-old sister to a party where such things occurred.
Two, a 12 yr -ld girl was victim to this in a small town in Texas.

First story, East coast.
Second story, West Coast.
Both incidents in the courts now.

Your view on this? Hey,
there goes society.

These teens are facing CRIMINAL charges with severe consequences.

This is your second thread on your “mean sister.”
Give it a rest, please.

This was my first actually and I regret posting them at all because of my privacy.

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