'Extremely serious' train derailment in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Prayers for everyone on the train.

Awful news. As I understand it, very heavy rain caused a landslide and the location of the track is narrow. I think the emergency services have had trouble getting to the scene; there were about 30 vehicles reported to have been there. Three people have died, including the driver. I hope that everyone else is now safe and recovering.

The BBC is doing a live updates page, if anyone is interested:

Although it is very serious and indeed a tragedy for the families of those killed as well as for the injured, it could have been a lot worse. Due to a rise in Covid cases, Aberdeen, a city of some 200 odd thousand people, has been put into virtual lockdown. Were it not for this I would think that the train would be carrying a lot more passengers and the casualty rate would have been higher.

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