eyeofthetiber.com Just what the heck is this?


Are they stupid or just jerks?

This looks like one of those “humorous” news websites, similar to “The Onion” (theonion.com/). There are many other sites out there with different names, and all try to have their unique spin on actual news, as well as the stories that they make up.

They’er sort of like The Onion. I tend to enjoy their articles, because I read them as satire on the actual news networks, who are absolutely clueless when it come to reporting on the Church.

It’s the Catholic Onion.

Don’t believe all (or anything) that read there.:stuck_out_tongue:

But I find it quite funny.

Neither, it’s a satire site.

It’s satire, like the Onion

Yup, it’s a satire site. It’s not a replacement for your regular news source. :slight_smile:

Well, I think they are funny. What the heck, we need some humor in these uptight Forums.


fer sher!!!

“Breaking Catholic news so you don’t have to!” should be a clue. :rotfl:

I hadn’t seen this before. I snorted. :rotfl:

Unless of course you get your news from MSNBC and the “Daily Show”.

Fair enough. Eye of the Tiber is intentionally satirical. Other news sources are often unintentionally so. :stuck_out_tongue:

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