Ezekiel 3:18-19


When I threaten I the sinner with doom of death, it is for thee to give him word, and warn him, as he loves his life, to have done with sinning. If not, he shall die as he deserves, but for his undoing thyself shalt be called to account. If thou warn him, and leave his rebellious sinning he will not, die he shall as he deserves, and thou go free.

Is it a mortal sin to be too cowardly to tell my father and siblings that eating meat on Lenten Fridays is a sin?

Is it a moral sin not to warn others of sins in general?

Christi pax,



The spiritual works of mercy are:

To instruct the ignorant;
To counsel the doubtful;
To admonish sinners;
To bear wrongs patiently;
To forgive offences willingly;
To comfort the afflicted;
To pray for the living and the dead.

But keep in mind too, that he is your father. Respect him. Many of these practices are meant to aid the faithful and raise their thoughts to God. They were not meant to be a yoke around their necks that would send them into perdition. They are important as long as the Church says they are important, but just as it is not held against those who licitly forgo it because of bad physical health, it will not be held against those who forgo it from lacking spiritual health by way of ignorance. There are usually more important things to work in these situations, love of God, love of neighbor and the rest will follow.




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