F-35 Scores Impressive 15:1 Kill Ratio at Red Flag War Games


Good news for the F-35. Despite a lot of growing pains, this is looking like a good buy for the Armed Forces. Even better for people concerned about Russia and China, while they struggle to field a couple of squadrons of 5th gen fighters, we’ll be fielding a few thousand of these bad boys.


Even more good news, the per unit cost is getting close to the F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet for an aircraft that is orders of magnitude more capable.



The Russians and Chinese are focusing on anti-aircraft measures and no-fly zones. They have also realized the effectiveness of non-conventional weapons.


Like N. Korea in those respects. Very unimpressive.


It’ll be a great aircraft for a role that’s all but obsolete. Manned air-to-air fighters are going to be the battleships of the 21st century. The new doctrine on air combat is going to replace a dozen $40 million manned fighters with 120 $1.5 million armed drones.

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