FAA Finally Admits Names And Home Addresses In Drone Registry Will Be Publicly Available


From Forbes:




I guess we can expect a lot of drone thefts after this…once someone has the address of a drone owner, would not be difficult to hack it and fly it off.

Not sure what purpose making the names and addresses public serves…?


It allows the guvvermint to claim that it’s being transparent.



If you can afford a drone and don’t have a business address, can you afford a PO box?

If you send a query to a business for example, you mostly get, at first, a holding reply whether it’s from a PO box or a street address. At least one is in touch with them.

Could one be required to set up a small company in order to operate an unmanned (as opposed to manned) aircraft?

Surely it ought to be about there being a way to get in touch with the owners about the drone, rather than invade their property with intent to hijack it.

I don’t know whether drones can be kept in back gardens or whether they have to be at aerodromes like your Piper Cherokee! (There are such things as quite rudimentary and also private aerodromes of course.) I’m not sure whether one has to be next to the drone to hijack it or whether one can do it through a person’s home computer.


You can a small drone for around $100, even less online, so really anyone can afford one.

If they wanted drone registration, they were about a year late on this, no way to track the 100s of 1000s that were sold prior to registration, this negates drone registration entirely imo.


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