Face a bear


In The Book of Proverbs, Chapter 17 Verse 12 states:
Face a bear robbed of her cubs,
but never a fool in his folly!

Please explain.


A mother bear will defend its cubs at any cost, even its own life. A fool will defend his/her belief even more so. So…don’t argue with the fool!

As Mark Twain said, never argue with a fool, an observer may not be able to tell which is which!



…if you get the chance check out some of those animal planet/ng networks… they film such wonderful takes on natural life (wild); there’s one take on a grisly with her cub/s–though the female is formidable, the male grisly outclasses her hands down… these bears would attack and kill anything… and in times of scarcity they would eat most anything… they are also territorial and their territory is large… yet when her cub was in danger the mother grisly charged the male several times… she was so ferocious and strong-hearted that the male capitulated… (of course it could have gone the other way and both mother and cub killed); but it goes to what a bear with cubs would do… yet, that’s nothing compared to a fool in his folly… that is, the fool is so bent on having it his/her way that even death and destruction means nothing (we see/hear in the news daily).

…how many times have the world suffered through the follies of fools and those who eagerly followed them to death and destruction?

Maran atha!



Good advice! Wise words. I’ll keep that in mind!

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