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Please help, with all the craze about face book. I have yet to join. My husband communicates with friends on face book. I am certain it is innocent, yet I feel jealous as he can now communicate and commentate on facebook with a women who he has known for years on anything that is going on in her life that she posts. He is best friends with her husband. I feel guilty for being jealous, especially with nothing going on. Any ideas on how I can get over these feelings.

Thank you.
Wendy Ann

Ask him to help you join facebook. Plain and simple. After that, he will “friend” you, and hopefully show you how to use the site, and you should be able to see what’s going on!

Join and friend him…simple as that.

Yes join facebook. I’ve had a blast catching up with people I haven’t seen in 25 years. Many of them are women and I have no interest in them accept how they have been and what they are up to. I’m sure your husband is doing the same.

I agree that you should join, not necessarily to stave off your jealous feelings, but so you can see for yourself what’s going on and sort of “get a life” of your own. Once you and your husband are “friends” on the site, you will be able to see everything he posts to his wall and to the walls of his other friends. If you feel you need to monitor your husband, the opportunity is there, but it may not be necessary. Once you join up, you will meet up with people from your past and background (make sure to set your settings if you don’t want the world looking at your profile or you don’t want certain people to find you on Facebook), giving you something to focus your attention on, instead of being wary that your husband is really up to something. Good luck!

I’ve been having fun with Facebook! I’m 44, married, and my husband isn’t interested in joining, but I have been able to connect with people I have not seen in 25 years, and family I would not otherwise keep in touch with.

It is just like any other tool in the world - it can do good or evil, it all depends on how it is used.


One solution as mentioned is to join and monitor your husband’s activity. That’s not a bad idea as it would probably ease your mind, but I think it doesn’t get to the heart of the matter about feeling jealous.

**Do you think your husband spends more time and interest on the day-to-day activities of old aquaintances than he spends listening to what’s going on in your life and sharing what’s happening in his? **

A husband and wife should stay in touch with what’s going on with the other without having to resort to on-line social networking. Make sure you sit down together on a regular basis to catch up with each other.

When reading other people’s info pages or posts on a computer, the pages usually organized and often brief. If a topic or discussion doesn’t interest the reader, (like threads on CAF) most won’t read it. When sitting down to talk with your husband, I suggest you take a hint from some of the organization and brevity found on internet. Too much detail or rambling can bore even a great spouse. I find it helps my husband to listen better when I can get the the main point quickly without going into great detail. A brief, “this is what I was up to today” might be more appreciated than an hour long monolog over details that don’t interest your husband.

I too vote, join Facebook.

I joined a couple months ago and have caught up with childhood friends, school and university classmates.
DH does not want to join, but quite often will peek in when I am on FB, especially to see how his nephews (his Brother and Sisters kids) are doing as I am in friends with them.

Go ahead a join! :thumbsup: I use facebook to keep in touch with a lot of my friends from college and my relatives who live out of town. DH isn’t on facebook, but if he had a problem with it, I’d suggest he join so he can see that it’s just a networking tool…


You should sign on up! I first joined Facebook, and then found some great orthodox catholics that have helped me find Catholic Answers! Great stuff!

You should join Facebook, too. Just about everyone in my family has a page, even my 74 year old Uncle who lives far away from us has joined! It’s a great way to stay in touch with friends & family. My DD is going to set a page up for me today.:slight_smile:

Join Facebook, friend him, and state that you’re both married to each other!

I have Facebook:):):):slight_smile: So do both my siblings, my mom and dad, my mom’s entire family (there’s a lot of them), all of my friends, etc.

It’s how I keep in touch with everyone while I’m in college/living in the city (which I am, while interning and working). It’s how I know of friends getting married (yes, it’s starting, but I have a lot of older friends, plus one my age who met her hubby in the military), what’s going on at home, etc. I even just planned my 20th birthday party on Facebook:) It’s also a networking tool for me. I’m friends with people in the pro-life movement, etc. Living where I am, going into the field I am, networking is key for me.

A lot of my friends are off to great adventures, whether marriage, med school, law school, Peace Corps, Teach for America, Jesuit Volunteer Corps, grad school, study abroad, or going home for summer. Facebook is my way of keeping track. Or keeping in touch over Christmas break (which is a month long…)…

Sorry, I can’t say enough about it! It’s a handy thing for my life. But I am a college student…

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