‘Face the Truth’ summer campaign with graphic abortion images kicks off

‘Face the Truth’ summer campaign with graphic abortion images kicks off
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CHICAGO, Illinois, June 27, 2011 (LifeSiteNews.com) – On July 8, the Pro-Life Action League will kick off a huge ‘Face the Truth’ tour in the Chicago area. The group announced the tour, which employs graphic images of abortion, in a YouTube video.
“We need people to know about this, because when they see it, when they behold it with their own eyes their support for abortion really begins to corrode,” said Eric Scheidler, Executive Director of the Pro-Life Action League.

The group will hit the streets with giant pictures of unborn babies and graphic images of aborted babies throughout the Chicago area July 8-16, 2011. The group has also provided links to similar demonstrations taking place this summer in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Washington State, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

The League argues that their signs, although graphic and startling, dispel the “lies” behind the abortion industry.

“The truth hurts, but the lie hurts so much more,” says the League. “Once people have faced the truth, they are less likely to become involved in abortion.”

While opponents of graphic images often argue that they will be excessively disturbing to children, Eric Scheidler says that in his experience children deal with the signs better than many adults. “Children are naturally pro-life,” he said.


This is disgusting.

The catholic church would do well to condemn this.

Do you support the movement by the US government to use graphic anti smoking pictures? how is this different?

This is… I don’t even have words for this… I’ll have to think about it for a while. But, I’ll start with this - Pope John Paul II said that women who have had abortions can be the most eloquent defenders of life…well guess what, we aren’t coming out to help if this is what we will see when we get there. At least not me. Do they ever think how many more people would show up if they knew that this wasn’t part of the program?

This seriously makes me want to throw up.

Good. That’s the point. Pro-deathers have made society believe that abortion is a choice and is harmless. Society is coddled and has bought into a lie. This is exactly the wakeup call everyone needs to turn the tide against abortion.

If abortion is so wonderful as the pro-choicers claim, why do they have such a problem having it displayed in public? What have they got to hide? Some of us already know what. The horrendous abomination that abortion is and has always been. Some may need to see these images to understand what’s really going on. What’s more disgusting, displaying images of abortion, or the abortions themselves? Removing the images does not make the abhorrent reality of abortion go away.

I also hate to see these kinds of images, and I don’t voluntarily seek them out. I realize also that the tactic pushes many pro-abortion people farther away, and alienates many pro-lifers as well.

On the other hand, the Holocaust comparison compels me to give the practice a second thought. Even today, I think most schools begin exposing children to horrific holocaust pictures in elementary school. At least mind did. And they are aired on television and displayed in museums. The images are horrific because what happened was horrific, and because what happened was so horrific people need to know, even over a half century later and on the other side of the world. Most of us recognize this fact, and admit that some things are more important than our own comfort level.

If this is true here and now, how much more appropriate, even heroic, would sharing such images have been in Nazi Germany while the Holocaust was going on? Sure, many Germans, Nazi-sympathizers and Nazi-opponents, would have been disturbed and disgusted. But that’s almost the point. The Germans had some sense of what was going on, but for the most part they still went about their daily lives and didn’t let it effect them tremendously, because most of them didn’t see the horror for themselves.

Now, there are many differences between the Nazis and the pro-choicers, and many people hate when the comparison is made. I’m not saying the average pro-choicer is as evil in his or her heart as the average Nazi. On the other hand, the crime against humanity that is being perpetrated is even worse. The reason for this disconnect is partially that abortion is less centralized than the Holocaust, but mostly I think it is because what happens is even more hidden from view. Because the reality is so hidden from view, it becomes a lot easier for seemingly normal, good people to support the murder of millions of innocents.

Whether or not they are going about it in the most prudent way possible, these people are attempting to break through that willful or invincible ignorance and confront people on both sides of the cultural divide with the enormity of what is actually happening. I think we should support that goal, even if we have different suggestions about how to go about it.

A pretty stupid effort that won’t change a thing.

You’re entitled to your opinion. But I disagree with that opinion :wink:

Lila Rose Supports GAP

Do tell. Why is it a pretty stupid effort that won’t change a thing?

Why? These are pictures of minors whose parents are likely still alive.

It seems the opposite of respecting life if we dont follow the most decent tenants of civility.

The Truth sometimes is disgusting but it is the TRUTH.These signs were used at the Ottawa 2010 and 2011 Marches for life and the kids “got” it.And I heard many a “poor baby”,murmured by the young as they crossed themselves.If you don’t care for it don’t look.The Catholic Church(large C if you please can do nothing about it)Some Bishops find it abhorrent but this is not an exclusively Catholic venture.Nor can Bishops ORDER their flock to do anything-nor can the Pope.


Decent tenants of civility? Abortionist kill and then throw babies in the trash. The photos merely show that horrific reality.

Also, pro-lifers give aborted babies funerals and lovingly lay them to rest because pro-lifers know they are children and not trash to be thrown out in the garbage. Recognizing they are children and treating them that way is the decent thing to do. That is what pro-lifers are aiming for all along, being civilized enough to stop the killing of our children.

There were dozens and dozens of post abortive women HOLDING these signs and others holding "I regret my abortion"signs and tearfully begging others not to do as they did.These babies are NOT a clump of cells which is the lie NARAL,N.O.W. and P.P. have been telling frightened women for decades.These pictures give lie to that Satanic deception.

Here are a few quotes from people whose hearts were changed after viewing what abortion does to babies:

I really, really, really want to thank you for showing the pictures on abortions. I’m 34 years old and I’ve never seen pictures of babies that have been aborted. It’s a possible chance that I may be pregnant, but at first I said I already have 3 children and I don’t need another one! Abortion was on my fiancé’s and on my mind. I said to myself, “This is my body, and if I can lay down and get pregnant, I can have it”. Plus we are trying to live right by God and I don’t want to add to the sins knowingly. So, if I am still pregnant, this baby I will have. Now I can show him the pictures! He asked me how they was done (the abortions), I told him they put a knife in the uterus, cut up the baby, then suck it out with a vacuum. He frowned. I was having a look for things on my…coursework on abortion and you never understand it until you see the horrible photos. I will never have an abortion. Thank you for opening my eyes. – Sarah, England

As I sat at my computer in absolute shock at these images, and feeling tears run down my face at all these children that never got a chance in life, I realized one of two things, that 1. Abortion in any shape or form is completely wrong and horrific, and 2. That I will never ever have an abortion. This website has opened my eyes as I’m sure it has many others. May God touch the lives of many people and open their minds to the reality of what life really is. Take care and God bless.

Hi…We are two college students and we have just visited your website. We are both appalled and angry! Neither of us knew that abortion was that disturbing. Thanks to you and those graphic pictures, we will never, ever think of having an abortion.

I am strongly against this. Such actions are rarely effective in changing minds and I find flashing aborted fetus’ in people’s faces to be disrespectful of the dead.

This is also confrontational. People don’t want confrontation, they want to have a conversation instead, and that is what we need to do

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this incredible statement.And no they are not pictures of “minors” who died:.they are murder victims who were murdered in the womb the most dangerous place on earth.To the pro-deathers they are medical waste or garbage.

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