Facebook allows beheading video saying sharing meant to “condemn it”


What a pathetic excuse Facebook gave. I will give them a week and if they don’t reverse it, I might have to cancel my Facebook account because this is morally wrong.

Disgusting. Why is facebook an appropriate forum for that kind of thing? One of the biggest mistakes I made on the internet was watching the Daniel Pearl video. You can’t unsee or unhear somethings.

Totally wrong.


If only Facebook had the means by which to condemn such actions and spread the word to all its users about these actions and information about organizations that fight them without using a sensationalized graphic video. Oh wait, it does have that means…:mad:

I haven’t been on Facebook since March, and haven’t missed it.

Stuff like this is the reason why.

I stopped using Facebook a longtime ago. It’s just filled with trash, esp for our young

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