Facebook And Apple Offer To Pay For Female Employees To Freeze Their Eggs


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The procedure can cost up to $10,000 plus the $500 per year to store the eggs. Facebook already offers up to $20,000 in coverage for an egg freezing procedure as a perk to all female employees and Apple will offer to cover the cost starting in January.

Egg freezing is not the only perk offered for women at Apple. “We continue to expand our benefits for women, with a new extended maternity leave policy, along with cyropreservation and egg storage as part of our extensive support for infertility treatments

I am curious if they offer extended maternity leave with pay or without pay?


California requires paid maternity leave for employers that have over 100 employees. There is also unemployment type pay for women that take leave prior to the birth of the child. California is Mom and infant friendly. :thumbsup:


That is a great but they are extended to moms not dads according to this article. It might be more beneficial to offer benefits to dads also so that they can help out instead of worrying about anyone eggs in the future.



So these women can have babies when they retire, using frozen eggs and sperm donors. Newborns will have 60 year old moms and no dads. Welcome to the brave new world.


California is Mom and infant friendly

Not when it comes to the unborn.


wow this is really cool.


Too bad it isn’t business friendly. I have a better idea, perhaps mom should pay for her own maternity leave. If she can’t afford it, perhaps she should have kids. Or give them up to responsible parents.


Businesses often give benefits to attract good help. Giving paid leave so that the worker can readjust her schedule and spend time with her child seems very family friendly.

Why the gripe against this? This is simply a benefit for her labors and I think it should also include dads. Everyone is paying for this. Never mind that she only gets so many cents on the dollar. She also get benefits.


Honest question.

If a 60 year old woman becomes pregnant, is the pregnancy not as a result of Gods divine will?


I am sure there are many on these forums that can answer the church teaching on this and explain it thoroughly.

Joan Lunden is a prime example to me. She had children late in her life and now struggles with breast cancer and whether she will be alive to even raise these children.

Not only that but she is already involved in her own health issues so intensely, can you adequately provide the care for them today?


Then why did God bless her with child? :shrug:


What’s really cool about it?


God did not necessarily bless her with the child. The child is a blessing to us all. We can’t blame the child for the behavior of its parents.

I take it your point would be that God would have prevented the pregnancy but God does not intervene in most events. We as humans are capable of so many things including using our minds to invent, re-invent things even when it comes to human life. That does not mean that God would stop the process.

A man murders an innocent man. God does not step in say "Wait a minute, you can’t do that. Would you really want to live in a world without free will? I doubt it.


God is the only one who can create a new soul, so without Gods blessing, a child cannot be born.

How am I not understanding this correctly?

A world where an all powerful God directly intervenes and occasionally stops innocents from being slaughtered? YES PLEASE!


Maybe you should “Ask the Apologists” this question in relation to catechism teaching.

God is the only who can creates a new soul. He is also the only one who can allow life to die. He does not intervene in most human situations but allows them to happen. He allows us “our free will”.

He is the author of both life and death.

Occasionally God does step in but not as often as we would like. Again that is God’s decision.


And I will answer with a similar question. If a 60 year old woman becomes pregnant as a result of rape, was the pregnancy God’s will?

The point is that some ways of becoming pregnant can be violent or unnatural. In the case of IVF it is unnatural and in violation of God’s law, just as in the case of rape. Any child is still a child of God, but it is an injustice by adults to children to deprive them of the natural process of generation which is intended to generate children by the union of husband and wife.


How could it not be your Gods will?

There is no life without God.

Man cannot demand a soul be created inside a woman’s womb. God chooses which womb will carry the new soul.

Am I wrong?


I have two close friends who died in their early forties who left young children behind.

When a woman has a child, she doesn’t get a contract that says she will be alive and healthy to raise them, no matter her age at conception.


Do you understand the difference between God’s permissive will and God’s active will? Would you tell a woman who is pregnant through rape that the rapist was carrying out God’s will because he allowed a child to be conceived?


I have to agree that they can wait until they retire. However, what percentage of them do you suspect will wait that long to have babies? Also, wouldn’t the most likely sperm donor be the woman’s husband? I understand your concern about the methods used, but would it be better for a woman who works at Apple or Facebook to not have any biological children?

What was the pre-brave world like? Were most women as educated and intelligent as women who work for Apple or Facebook, and were most married women motivated primarily by love in choosing to marry, with neither worry about money nor lust playing a significant role?

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