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Recently for those of us that have a Facebook account, might have noticed how some of our female “friends” would post a color as their new status line. This color is to signify the color of the bra she would be wearing for breast cancer awareness. In some cases they indicate that they will wear no bra!!

Personally speaking, I can’t see why this is done. First off posting the color of your bra will NOT stop breast cancer. Secondly as far as “solidarity” with those who have/had breast cancer, I can’t see how it would help. You want to help defeat breast cancer, raise money for good research, speak about the less than popular ways it can be spread (abortion).

But what really irks me about this is they are indirectly promoting sexual harassment. If I were to ask a lady what color of bra they are wearing, you can imagine what kind of a response I get. They post this in a PUBLIC forum (all Internet is public IMHO).


Hmmm… I’ve been wondering what those colors meant on FB when I saw them. That’s very strange. Thanks for enlightening us. I agree - it does seem rather crude.

I also just learned through CAF that the very popular and highly publicized Susan G. Komen foundation for breast cancer research donates to Planned Parenthood, so that was a real eye-opener, too. I hope anyone like me who didn’t know that previously will see the threads here at CAF and pass the word around about that horrible connection. There are very worthy pro-life cancer research organizations out there to support, and we shouldn’t be giving a single penny to any like Komen that donate to PP.


I agree I was rather put off by this. I don't anyone knowing what color of bra I am wearing and how does that help breast cancer?


ha-ha! I'm clueless . . . from what little I saw, I thought it was some sort of "your best color" type thing. Not bra color, but clothing in general.


What color is your bra? Facebook’s pointless underwear protest.

I posted that on my wall. No one needs to know what color my undies are. Sheesh. :rolleyes:



Wow, you’re absolutely right. This is pointless and will do nothing whatsoever to help end breast cancer. Or whatever it is they’re trying to do with it. :rolleyes:

I feel the same way about most of the breast cancer “awareness” efforts out there. How does owning pink anything help the cause? For that matter, how does wearing red anything help the cause of AIDS? It’s just silly.


I'm seeing the point it is silly and now its been seriously done. But I'm sure people were well meaning.


I think there are a few differences between this and harrassment.

First, participation is voluntary. No one has to do it.

Second, if you don't like reading the updates - you have the option to defriend anyone who behaves in such a vulgar fashion. Unfortunately, for me this would be half of my Facebook friends who are female - over 25 people, I think.

Finally, it's fairly subtle. Unless you ask about it, you won't know what those colors mean. And just saying a color isn't really an issue - it's only once you know the context that it becomes embaressing.

However, I didn't see the point, so I didn't participate. This sort of "gag" might work for a condition that no one has heard about, where people ask about the colors and learn about the existance of a relatively unknown health condition that is still important. For example, someone suggested having guys post boxer colors to raise knowledge about prostrate cancer, which is nearly as common as breast cancer (if I recall correctly), and more fatal (again, if I recall correctly), but there are lots of people who don't realize how serious it is. (But then, guys talking about their underwear is "threatening" or at least "gross". When women do it, it is "hot" and okay, they are doing "what guys want". Our culture is just really . . . confused)

The key thing, IMO, is that everyone knows breast cancer exists and is a big problem. All this did was get people saying, "Breast cancer exists", for the most part, plus a lot of giggling. I only saw one person use the gag as an opportunity to raise conciousness - and she did so by posting links with info on breast cancer & contraceptives and abortion, not by posting her bra color. Basically it was her way of saying, "THIS is how you increase knowledge about breast cancer - not talking about bra colors."

I think this was a good example of "group think". It sounds like it's doing something good whether it is or isn't, and everybody sort of turned off their brains and went along with it.

This concludes my over-thinking on this issue. It was a fascinating phenomenon, though - I don't think I've seen so many people participate in a Facebook status meme in a single day. Especially from so many different groups of friends - only one sub-group didn't join in, and they were still clearly aware that it was happening. Strange . . .


Frankly, I think most people who participated weren’t meaning anything at all.


LOL, it obviously accomplished something, your on this site complaining over something silly. I in no way see how it promotes harassment. In fact, I don't see the big deal at all. If you don't want to participate then don't (I didn't).

If you have come to a point where the name of a color on someone's update offends you, then you really need to get out more.


To be fair, the OP didn’t say it was offensive. Just that it was silly and disingenuous. If it upsets you that some people think so, maybe you need to get out more. :wink:


I hate it. Here’s why. I say all these colors popping up with no explaination. They all seemed unique shades of brown, so I commented with my favorite color of brown. Fortunately my brother and law found out what was going on and emailed me in time to delete the comment, saving me further embarassment.

You would think one person, one, would have mentioned this was a bra color for the sake of us men. :smiley:


LOL aww…I’m sorry, pnewton. That is pretty funny though.


I posted that I thought it was some pervert’s scheme to get gals talk about their bras. It was stupid and pointless and I refuse to play.


I thought it was fun and cute. And got people talking about breast cancer, which was the point.


I saw it...didn't participate...but did see quite a few of my friends put 'nothing' -shudder- lol

I think it's pointless, too...but whatever...to each his own :)


Did it really "get people talking" about breast cancer though? Or did it get people talking about what color bras they and others were wearing?


The post I got had nothing to do with breast cancer at all. It just said to post the color of your bra...didnt participate.


We’re talking about it right now in a sense. There are debates going on all over the country now, too, about this. I’d say, yes, it got people talking about breast cancer. It’s a reminder for women to do their check ups. At least for me, when I hear stuff like this, I always remember “Oh yea, my monthly checkups!”

So for me, in my mind, it was a good, fun way to help women remember,


You got it sharmin - that is what it was about and guys if you want to do something similar about prostate cancer, go for it.

Brenda V.

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