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I recently read an article about steering clear of “pitfalls” when using social networks like facebook. Among the pitfalls, the article spoke of the apparent lack of humility and dishonesty bred by use of these networks- i.e.- the constant changes in status updates [a false sense of self importance] and just portraying what we want people to see.

I wanted to know what your views are concerning getting to know people via online chatting or by use of other virtual media. I, of course, recognise the need for face to face interaction but do you think it is ever possible to at least **partially **get to know someone’s true nature via virtual world?

I don’t know. Maybe my perspective is different, but I’ve never used it to meet people, but rather to stay in contact with high school friends (a purpose it serves quite excellent, by the way).

I’ve seen the good and bad sides of this. Thanks to Facebook, I’ve reconnected with old friends who moved away while I was in elementary school, and have kept in touch with friends from around the country that I met on my trip to Washington D.C.

BUT, I have seen people who literally spend all their time online. Like, they don’t study or go out of their room unless their parents say so, and these people have absolutely no social skills.


I just find the whole My Space / Facebook thing boring an don’t use them at all.

As the prodding of my cousin, I’ve finally created a facebook account. He said a bunch of our cousins are on there and it’s a great way to stay connected to those I don’t see regularly.

But it’s obvious to me that some of my ‘friends’ must live on facebook.

It’s not for me but it serves a purpose

For me, it’s one of the fastest and the easiest way to keep in touch. Last year, my high school friends organized a reunion through facebook. It’s definitely helpful.

And I’ve met a few close friends through facebook. We are fans of Henri Nouwen, so we often share our faith and strengthen each other. :smiley:

I also use it to evangelize.

Same here. I’ve got a couple of “friends” from a couple of groups I’ve joined, but other than that, I use it to keep in touch with high school and college friends. I can definitely see how something like FB could be misused, but that holds true for anything in life.

The question of these social medias are good or not is actually not the issue. They are not morally good nor morally evil they are simply the tools for one to use and communicate with each other. There is some great value in these places but also some people do abuse them and can be bad company. It is just part of the real world.
What I am more interested in, is the practice of virtue itself in the social medias. Recently I discovered a new Social Media site which is like these sites as well as Tweeter. Actually it is much more. It is a home base for all computer work like Yahoo and Google.
This place is free to join and make your home page. Then as you work on the computer you get paid doing what ever you do on the computer. This is the practice of Justice in action. The members receive their due share of the profits. When they log in they are paid, when they send e-mails they are paid. When they enter into these social medias from this home page they get paid. Check it out. It is at this site. peoplestring.com/?f=danpald

This is practicing the virtue of Justice in its set up. That the abuses will be there is part of human life. But when the virtues are at the foundation of the company they deserve support.

[quote="jeanne71350, post:3, topic:150453"]
BUT, I have seen people who literally spend all their time online. Like, they don't study or go out of their room unless their parents say so, and these people have absolutely no social skills.


Facebook may be one thing but not all people who spend most of their time on the internet are socially inept. We have skills, we just can't find people to use them with. (Especially when you're one of those who have hobbies that don't reflect the general population of celebrity gossipers and soap opera junkies. :rolleyes:)

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