Facebook Burnout

I am feeling so bummed out right now. One of my Catholic friends posted the article on the Bishop who thought that Pelosi should be excommunicated. My friend commented that he should probably be excommunicated too (he also supports abortion, contraception, euthanasia and so on). I answered back that yes, he should be excommunicated too if he has no desire for instruction/correction, has not had the sacrament of reconciliation and still presents himself for communion. He said he was following his conscience. I said that you conscience is ill formed and we went back and forth. It degraded to the point where he called me intolerant and then another Catholic friend of his jumped in and basically told me that she was Catholic but she wasn’t a fanatic (meaning that I was) and that all you need is love and that clearly I was not operating out of love.

I am so disturbed that they would call themselves Catholic and then call me FANATIC for upholding Church teaching. I just am so upset about it.

Another gay uncle chewed me out on facebook for what he says my intolerance on gay marriage and “liking” posts that he finds objectionable. He says he is going to unfriend me (he hasn’t done so yet).

It really isn’t about Facebook per se but I am just mad at these so called Catholics and others who are mad at me for following MY faith. I am so angry. :mad:

Spirituality is like hot sauce - it comes in different levels of intensity.

Join me in praying for a renewal of your friend’s spiritual life. :slight_smile:

I can’t think of the Bible verse (but I am sure someone will know it), but I do remember reading something along the lines of don’t bother to impart wisdom to a fool as he will berate you, rather impart wisdom to a wise person as he will accept it and become even wiser.

Your gay uncle chooses to see your likes, if he doesn’t want to see them, he should do what I did to my cousin’s weird likes and shares, click the I don’t want to see them option. Sounds like he is just looking for an excuse to be antagonistic or can’t use Facebook properly. If anyone doesn’t like to receiving likes or specific shares all they have to do is click near the title and opt to block certain articles and/or posts from the person.

Have a try, it is amazing how much offensive stuff vanishes.

God bless you.

PS In the event that you want to get your own back on them - pray for them, but don’t tell them you are doing it.

But how do we reconcile that with evangelizing (in the case of my uncle) and also correction of errors (in the case of my friend)?

Q. 2. What does “formal cooperation in an abortion” mean?

A. 2. “Formal cooperation in an abortion” means all the individuals who had an abortion, the abortionist who performed the abortion(s), the nurses and other employees that assist in abortions, the administrative staff that provided facilities where abortions were performed, all the individuals who recommended/suggested an abortion, the** politicians** who supported abortions and/or who voted in favour of them, all the relatives who supported abortions, no matter their excuse for being in favour of it, and even the religious persons who have supported such an act by word or action.

There are no exception, either one is in favour of abortions or totally against it.


Yes! I pointed that out and I was called a fanatic and that people like me start all the wars in the world. That from two so called Catholics.

It is difficult when you care about someone. One of my brothers is really hates Christians but out of love for me, has moved Catholics down his hate list. If God worked through me to perform a miracle in front of his eyes, he would still refuse to believe. My other brother, turned his back on the Church and is and is now at another church and thinks all Catholic teachings (except acknowledging the existence of the one true living God) are wrong. There is nothing I can say or do to correct his misconceptions about the Catholic faith, get him to see the Bible verses he ignores etc.

I can’t give up, I love both my brothers, but every time I open my mouth, I put both feet in it. It has taken a little time to realize, that God isn’t calling me to correct or evangelize them, he has his own plans. I pray for both brothers to come Home and try to live out the faith as a silent witness of the truth of God’s love and mercy and the teachings of the Church.

It is hard, but sometimes we are not called to battle to save a soul, except through persistent and faithful prayer.

The only two things I can suggest is prayer and maybe asking your priest for advice.

Meanwhile, I will pray for you, the situation, your friend and uncle.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Oh, thank you for your advice. A friend and an uncle really 1st cousin once removed) is no where near the pain of dealing with this with your brothers. Yes, I did stick my foot in it and probably that is the best advice at this time is to pray for them persistently.

Thank you and I hope eventually your brothers will find the Faith again.

Its okay. I am beginning, very slowly to give things up to God. If we keep praying, then more of the lost will be brought home.

I wish I were more adept at using my computer.I say this because there is an article by Cardinal Burke on this very subject.Try logging on to the website “courageous priest”.
This commentary by the esteemed Cardinal clearly states what weas faithful Carholics are up against in evangelizing,not only our poorly cathetized brethren but the world in general.

I know what you mean, SEVERAL close people to me and MANY relatives think same-sex marriage is ok along with same sex acts and they are Catholic although some are not practicing the faith. I think it just hurts us to see our loved ones go against our Holy Mother Church. I can be ignorant of my faith at times as well, but some do not even care to learn the Church’s social teaching. I think that is where the problem lies. People do not want to go and search for the truth instead follow the media or government or other people. Its like they are hanging out with the wrong crowd or just dont have the time or zeal to read Church documents. A better response from these people would be, “I really dont understand the Church teaching on this, but I will keep the faith and try to learn more.” Instead, they make themselves interpreters of faith and teach others to do so. We still have to have piety and treat others with gentleness while when grace allows to explain the truth. And pray of course! :slight_smile:

I have a facebook account for the time being but be carefull not to really get burned out over this. I know with me atleast I can spend too much time with arguments that dont help the situation and feel burned out afterwards. Pick and chose your battles wisely. With todays computer and gadget craze burnout is easy

All you can do is state your case, then shoes, dust shake and move on, don’t cast your perils before swine !

They can have all the excuses in the world, but those excuses won’t do them any good in the next world when they shall have to explain themselves to the Almighty !

I also see this on a daily basis on facebook as well. I finally decided that all I can do is pray for them. That is all the advice I have. Sorry if it isn’t enough…
God Bless +

I am still learning about my Catholic faith but even when I point out that they should probably speak to their priest about these issues and suggest a number of legitimate sources to really get your knowledge about the Catholic reason for particular issues but they refuse and say that thats between them and God. I say that sounds very Protestant and they don’t care. What’s worse is they interpret many of the statements made by Pope Francis recently not from a Catholic perspective but from a secular perspective in that they feel he supports THEIR sinful belief systems.

I’ve noticed FB is not a good place to air strong opinions. Better to save it for an anonymous place like this.

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