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Hello everyone, I would like to do my small bit for evangelization, so I started a Facebook page, but now I don’t really know what to do with it. Anyone have any suggestions? It’s called Grimsby Catholic, if anyone would care to look at it and advise I would be grateful.

No particular suggestions as I’m not a fan of Facebook myself, but a prayer that if your page can be an effective instrument of God’s evangelization and grace to anyone, then God grant it will be so.
God bless your generous intentions, and may God strengthen you in prayer and peace if anyone offends you by hostile responses if you share the site with disaffected friends.
May God guide you with whom to share your page.

I try to evangelize through facebook, too. I hope you have broad shoulders, not too sensitive and can take the “heat” that you may receive. Some will love you and some will hate you, but it is fertile ground for the plowing and the sowing of seed. My advice is to be tolerant of other religions, speak softly, lead and write with knowledge, and live joyfully through your postings. Tough? yes. Can you? yes.

I took a quick look. That’s good stuff you’re posting there.

A technical suggestion: once you reached the predetermined level when FB gives you the power (I think it’s 25 likes), change your url from the unwieldy facebook.com/pages/Grimsby-Catholic/648952635156675 to facebook.com/Grimsby-Catholic or facebook.com/GrimsbyCatholic. That will be helpful when you want to post the url around outside of FB to get people to visit.

Good luck!

That you so much for replying. I have agonized over this, you know, whether I am doing the right thing, am I doing it out of vanity or is God truly in it. I know he knows my intentions are good, but is it for him or for me that I am doing it. And what if no-one likes it, or finds it, or looks at it, then I will be talking to myself. So I have stepped out in faith, I would so appreciate your prayers, I have had to leave it in God’s hands, and I suppose we will see. Thank you for your encouragement, and God bless.

Thanks again Truegrit, but as you are doing what I am trying to do, do you have any specific tips. I take on board your advice re broad shoulders, but specifics about how you got your page up and running would be appreciated. Did you pay to promote it? Also could you tell me the name of your page so that I could visit it.

i also evangelize through facebook, very carefully. and i too struggle when i post whether or not i am doing it for God or for my pride. my friend offered me the advice to pray before each post, and if i find calm and peace in it… then proceed. granted, i don’t always do this but it has been helping me… significantly! Bless you on your journey!

Looks good to me. Couple of suggestions:

You could talk with your parish priest to see if he has any ideas or would want an official Facebook page. It also will enable you to find out whether your Diocese is going to run a Facebook page and would be happy to link with you. Or they may be crying out for someone like you to help them with their page or website. You never know, the Church may need you to help them Evangelise.

Small technical point the link to St Mary’s doesn’t work (you may have a . or / in the wrong place). I tested it with paste & go and it didn’t happen.

May God bless your endeavors.

Hey Fellow Facebooker!

At the moment, I have 2 Catholic-related pages; one for my parish (facebook.com/stpetrusbatam) and another one for Catholic in my area (facebook.com/katolikdibatam meaning ‘Catholic in Batam’).

My parish page is for me to post photos and parish related news (schedule for mass, meeting, events, etc) whereas the other one, usually, I ‘share’ from local Catholic page/other catholic page, mostly about catholic teachings and news.

One of the successful page in my country is GerejaKatolik. They have 13 active contributors. I’m trying to do the same, but it’s difficult to find. I plan to talk to the parish priests and maybe I can have a representative from the 4 parishes in my area, so that we could share information there. I want it to the one-stop service, where people visit our FB page/blog to get all the information needed about the Catholics in Batam island.

We definitely need to pray for every online evangelists, that we persevere in our mission.

Thank you, so much for taking the time to look, advise and encourage. Any advice is gratefully appreciated

I also,
I just made a page to bless and praise our Heavenly Father!

I ike CAF, Brothers Sisters, and I must say I like our CAF very very much—I have thought that if in case can not access CAF; Now I can remember some of my thoughts in facebook also, my grandma used to tell me remember to write down my dreams and thoughts otherwise will forget, --You come to have a look if you have a facebook page. The facebook page name is : Thy Kingdom come

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