Facebook posting about homosexuality

I posted a video on my wall about the health risks of a homosexual lifestyle, and wrote that that was a reason why God calls us not to do it. I recieved *so many *negative comments from my facebook “friends” about how God wouldn’t say that (even though Lev. 18:22), and one girl even said I was “hateful”. But none of what I posted was hateful at all, just dangers of that particular lifestyle.

My question is, should I stop posting things that are talking about the dangers of homosexuality? It’s not on their walls, but on mine. I have 2 reasons for posting. 1. To show others that there still are people who believe the Bible unconditionally out there. and 2. To help others see the truth.

It just seems so useless. So many people against my views, but I feel the obligation to get the word out in spite of all the liberal media influence.

Maybe I’m ranting. Any thoughts?

While I don’t agree with your logic, I wouldn’t go so far as to call it hateful- ask those who say you are being hateful to please pick a particular quote from what you wrote and logically show how that such a statement implies a strong disliking of homosexuals.
If they fail to do so, let them know that while you respect their views when those views are well informed, you’d rather not trouble yourself with accusations they can not back up.

(What tjm suggested:thumbsup:)It’s your FB account, Aball, and you’ve got a lot of courage to do that. No, of course it’s not “hate.” (But as I have predicted for the past decade, the whole “hate speech” and “hate crime” nonsense will be what the NWO will use in their persecution of believers.) My only question is how much it will matter in changing behaviors, bec. the info about homosexuality has been out long enough (more than 2 decades), and yet, the perversion continues to spread. The problem with fallen man is, info alone doesn’t cut it (I mean, even as far back as Eden, A & E had plenty of info about that Tree—from God Himself, no less!—yet they simply ignored it and took a bite). This whole homosexual thing is a mini-version of what 2 Thessalonians describes: with all wicked deception for those who are perishing, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false, in order that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. (ch.2:10ff)

It’s your page, you can do what you want with it, especially when you are leading people to the truth!

Aside from that, Facebook is just a popularity contest, with people giving just about anyone access to their profiles. (I’m ranting, I gave up FB, sorry, but true) As a precaution, I advise you not to put too many personal information about yourself on that website.

Other than that, if you continue to use the site, never feel ashamed or discouraged by sharing your views on morality or anything else. Jesus faced fierce opposition too. True freedom is living in the truth. The liberal media is the illusion of freedom.

Good for you for trying to teach truth.
Be sure you underline that God loves each one of us, including homosexuals, though He does not love the sins we commit.

If you’re arguing against the homosexual lifestyle based on it being physically harmful, you’re attacking it from the wrong angle. It isn’t wrong because it is physically risky. It is possible that there will come a day when homosexual intercourse is practices in a physicxally safe way, thanks to technology. It will not be any less wrong. Spread the word about why the homosexual lifstyle is wrong - it has nothing to do with disease.

As long as you have wall posts condemning the sins of the majority. Be they masturbation, lust, sexual thoughts, missing mass, using artificial birth control or marrying outside the Church…I don’t see a problem with it.

If you only focus on the sins of a minority, ( homosexuals) I can see why your " friends" came down on you.

It is certainly an evil that needs to be spoken out against. Please continue to do so.
A detestable sin against God, the creator of nature.

If people attack you for this truth, you are in good company.

The problem is that the health risks you speak about are not strictly limited to a homosexual lifestyle.

The same risks exist for any promiscuous lifestyle, be it homo- or heterosexual.

I think that your posting should have instead extolled the merits of chastity, for everyone regardless of orientation. It does irritate me to see us so often singling out homosexuals when heterosexual promiscuity is even more rampant in society and equally damaging to health, soul and family.

Therefore to many your post probably came across as discriminatory, that is, you unintentionally implied that homosexuals are especially singled out for offenses against chastity, whereas promiscuous heterosexuals get a free pass. I’m sure you didn’t intend that, but that’s how it probably came across to many.

I can understand where you’re coming from OP, as a fellow Facebook user I did a similar thing on the day that New Jersey had the elections for legalizing gay marriage. I made a post saying “Down with gay marriage” and I lost a friend because of it. I shortly deleted the post afterwards in fear of offending others (Something I’m actually not very proud of doing, but I didn’t want to take the risk of alienizing myself from any other sensitive friends), but surprisingly after some of my other friends found out about the post I made and me losing that one friendship, they continued to be my friend, regardless of what I believed.

In my opinion, if someone doesn’t accept you fully for what you are, and would break a friendship over a matter of opinion, then they’re not really a true friend. And I still don’t have any ill will against the friend I lost over my beliefs. Sometimes we have to suffer such things for our faith, but I don’t think I’d want it any other way. Keep on preaching the word and truth to those on Facebook when you can, because it is definitely needed! :thumbsup:

Now if only someone would muster up the courage to create a group that’s against Gay marriage. Seeing that rather massive group that supports gay marriage have over 1 million people joined really saddens me. And anyone that tries to fight back gets swallowed up in a mass of hateful comments and political correctness fights.

There’s no need to post something like that. I’m not gay, and I would still find it hateful. By the way, heterosexual sex can have health risks too.

Why would you find it hateful?

All I wrote was that it proved a health risk. Like smoking. No hate whatsoever

Why did you choose to make a post about homosexuals, rather than smokers?

Simply because homosexuality is a prevalent evil and health concern in our society. Maybe next time i’ll do one on smoking, who knows

This nation has become so pollitically correct It allows individuals to have any lifesyle they choose.

The pollitically correct cancer is a catch all. If you believe homosexuality is sinful and an abomination to God then you must be a homophobe If your against illegal immigration you must be a racest.(had to throw that in) Go Jan! someone actually standing up.

The truth is not popular Dont forget that.

People are happy wearing blinders and their are few “John the Baptist” around anymore (He didnt care what you thought about him) He had no problem telling anyone of their sinful lifestyle.

John the Baptist died not from telling people their sinful ways are ok because you were born that way.

Sin is a lack of control its bondage its like being a drug addict.

You can take “I was born this way” to any extent you want Its a rather silly defence when it comes down to it is a choice. Its like any other sinful thought YOU choose to make it happen for whatever reason it is blame it on body chemistry if you want.

What if I was a thief could I get away with saying “I was born this way”?

Self control never killed anyone.

I dont believe anyone is born preprogrammed a certain way. Your conditioned by your surroundings or your own self conditioning.

God is not pollitically correct a sin is a sin is a sin its a choice I dont care what anyone says.

As for me and my family we choose God.

If the Holy Laws didnt matter He wouldnt have allowed his Son to die for our sins.

BESIDES IT WASNT ME or YOU WHO MADE THE RULES! If Gods rules/laws offend someone or they disagree with it thats between God and them. You are called to tell the sinner and then they make a choice.

Unfortunatly it does no good to pray for someone with a mortal sin. As St Paul tells us.

When people blast you for what God has said dont worry about wat they say.After all its not me or you they will have to answer to.

Do you think when God sends someone to hell the angels argue with him about it? or the Holy Souls cry out hey he/she was born that way.

God gave us the laws people know what it says no exscuses. People have been conditioned to think your a bigit or the bad guywhen you trying to help (wonder how that backwards thinking got started?)

Everyone is so afraid of offending each other They lost site of trying to help your bother/sister into Heaven. Im ok your ok philosophy.

We are all so selfrighteous the whole congregation gets up for communion not 1 soul has recognised it as having a mortal sin. That you can see for yourself.

Some will have a rude awakening one day.

Leviticus 18 v 22!

What about Levticus 19 v 19?
Or 20 v 9, or 21 v 17?

Let’s have these sins denounced too.

Keep doing what you’re doing if you feel its what you’re called to do or you feel you are helping. There are always going to be people who get snippy about hearing what they don’t want to hear.

I recently got “unfriended” by a few people on my FB account because I spoke out against Roeder and violence against abortionists.

Funnily enough, despite my many public anti-abortion rants, and comments about homosexuality, my many pro-abortion and homosexual friends aren’t worried about. Its just they know me very, very well.

Sometimes that can be the problem, your RL friends will usually be more forgiving of your Godly opinions.

2 people have unfriended me so far-I guess it separated facebook “friends” from true friends, huh lol

The wages of sin is death. Homosexuality is an abomination to God thats a very strong word the bible uses for this act. Personally I wouldnt cherry pick to twist my lifestyle into justification of living the way I choose.

Is your salvation worth gambling with?

Homosexual acts are condemned by God and can NEVER be approved by the Church (1 Corinthians 6:9-10, Genesis 19:1-29, Romans 1:24-27 and CCC 2357). If homosexuals are born with the condition, then they are called to live a life of Christian purity and chastity for the greater love of Christ. Such people can experience a life of trial, which all others must treat with compassion and sensitivity.

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