Facebook posting about homosexuality

The thing is… you could say the same about fornication, prostitution, promiscuity or adultery. I’m not arguing with the fact that homosexual acts are sinful. I am arguing with singling them out as somehow more heinous than other sexual sins. Everything that the OP said about the health impacts of homosexual activity, could also be said about illicit heterosexual sex as well, in particular when coupled with promiscuity.

I would argue that there is probably more heterosexual promiscuity in the world than homosexual promiscuity, given that only a small percentage of the population is homosexual. Which then, becomes a larger vector for health problems related to sex and a greater threat to human moral, physical and family health?

We need to look at the big picture, not just concentrate on our own personal world view.

An interesting comparison. Those who condemn smoking are never accused of hate speech, while those who condemn homosexual practice are often accused of hate speech.

And there are some, like the Fred Phelps clan, who really do engage in hate speech with respect to homosexuality.

Yet the term “hate speech” is now most often used to apply to anyone opposed first, to homosexual practices, and second, to anyone who opposes any other kind of sexual immorality.

It is true that the sin of sodomy has traditionally been included as one of the 4 sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance*, and to that extent, I suppose that one can say that it has been singled out. But it is a danger to society, as are all other forms of sexual sin, particularly divorce and fornication.

*(The other 3 are: deliberate murder, oppression of the poor, and defrauding laborers of their wages.)

Your right its not the only sin. Its a mortal sin that is acceptable thats the big diference

But you have to admit our society has grown tolerant with homosexuality as a lifstyle As if its norm. Look around you.

Whats going on? Whats really at work here? Are so many blind? Will we end up with another golden calf?

So many exscuses Anyone else notice how categorizing homosexuality as a lifestyle offers a source of offense and justification. Do you see how this turns things around so that it looks OK?

In reality there is no way to make an abomination acceptable to God. So why even lend credence?

Truly if God didnt care we would all be hermorphadites.

Marraige is a sacrament that can never be given to same sex couples.That would be sacrelige and that being the case same sex couples could never be intimate.
If they were intimate then that my friends is a mortal sin.


Whats more I find it interesting the people that come rushing to the defence of a mortal sin

I dont get it. Maybe mankind has grown so secular and worldley so brainwashed the media and tv has become their god.

Not seeing your FB posting specifically, I suppose I can’t really say whether or not it was “hateful”, but I think it’s a tendency among us today to perceive anyone voicing a contrary opinion as “hateful”.

IMO, Facebook is a poor medium for this type of thing. I have some friends who are constantly posting things just like your posting about the dangers of homosexuality. But then I have other friends who are constantly posting links to diatribes from the New York Times. Knowing my reaction to the posts of the latter group gives me pause about becoming one of the former group.

Admittedly, I am a bit torn on the issue. Certainly, it is to be applauded to stand up for truth when so many won’t. But Facebook doesn’t seem to me to be the best means toward that end. It can be tempting, I think, because we want to feel like we are making a difference for the Lord, and posting a link on Facebook can reach hundreds of people instantly. But the question to ask is if they are really being reached. Drive-by postings can have pretty much the same efffect as some anti-Catholic coming to CAF and doing a drive-by posting of their arguments: it angers and annoys but convinces no one.

My approach is to be more positive (here’s the Pope’s latest encyclical, look at these fun Catholic moments from “LOST”, etc.). I’m sure one could argue that my approach is poor, but I’m also trying to further the Kingdom in my own way. :o

It’s not just homosexual sex, in case nobody noticed. Society has become tolerant of all sorts of alternate sexual lifestyles: swingers clubs, divorce-on-demand, pre-marital sex, multiple partners, having families without being married.

In a place I once worked, I knew a woman who had 4 children, each one from a different father.

Why concentrate on the “homosexual lifestyle”? You are either homosexual, or you’re not. The appeal of heterosexual licentiousness is likely to entrap a much greater number of people into the devil’s scheme.

Was it better in the past, having people try to fool themselves that they weren’t homosexual, and marrying and having children, then breaking up their families?

Let’s get a sense of perspective. A conservative estimate is that 2.5% of men are homosexual. The “liberal” estimate is that it’s 10%.

On the other hand, 50% of heterosexual marriages now end in divorce.

Which has the greater impact on the dissolution of the family unit in Western society?

There has always been a “homosexual lifestyle”, it’s just that in the past, it was hidden from view, in bathhouses, clandestine encounters, etc. And these men were often “married” as a façade.

Now they don’t need the façade any longer. Which is probably a good thing in a way, fewer men and women will face the heartbreak of discovering that their spouse is lesbian or gay.

I can actually relate to this. The other day, I posted a quote from G. K. Chesterton that reminded me about the fight over same-sex marriage.

“Don’t take a fence down until you know the reason it was put up”.

Before I posted, I had 98 friends, and the day after, I had only 96 friends.

I certainly think homosexuals are more promiscuous, but before I’m scoffed at as a “homophobe” concider this:

In the gay bar scenes (particularly for gay men), there is an interesting phenomenon known as a “quickie”. Now of course, “quickies” happen in the straight bar scenes as well, but they’re not nearly as common. If a “quickie” were to happen in a straight bar, the man usually has to get the women very drunk first (It’s the only way she’ll consent). In the gay bar scene, no alcohol is necessary.

I have an interesting theory:
Even though gay men have the sexual urges of women, they still have a sex drive as strong as a straight mans. In the gay bar scene, both parties have sexual urges as strong as straight men, so no alcohol is needed. Now lets imagine if straight women were as sexually driven as straight men. “Quickies” would happen all the time.

All this seems to assume that people are born that way. I don’t agree. I think people can have homosexual tendancies, but not be born fully attracted to the same sex. I don’t see how God’s perfection would do that

Homosexual behavior is normal and acceptable for people who are born homosexual. That’s the truth of it. Some day our church will see the reality of this fact and permit same-sex marriages.

Since I have no seen your video (or read a transcript of it) I can’t tell you if you’re right or wrong to post what have.

What I can say is that there are many ways in which we can say these things, and it is possible that the way you have chosen is unwise or injurious considering the people to which you made it available.

I think people can have homosexual tendancies, but not be born fully attracted to the same sex. I don’t see how God’s perfection would do that

We’re not born perfect. We are all born very much IMperfect. That’s what Original Sin has done for us.

My question is if our sexuality is truly coded in our genes and God created us that way
why would he set the rules in opposition? The bible clearly says homosexuality is an abomination to God.

For example I as a heterol sexual man am attaracted to blonde thin women Is that because I was born that way? or maybe an easier explination is my buddies in high school
all thought blondes were the best attracted women. The media “blondes have more fun” type thing probably has a lot to do with that not my genetic make up

I think if God didnt care about it we would all be hermerphadites could all expierience child birth…(no thank you)

The simpelist answer. I was “born like that” is an exscuse to live a life like that.

The world in its sinful ways will come and defend that way of life even so called Christians
Its an abamination sin plain as day yet you have those that defend it. God may one day say to those people I gave you my book my son and the church to tell you it was wrong and you didnt listen to my word. :mad:

God even destroyed Soddom for such acts and there are those who will tell you God destroying the city wasnt about sexuality at all. Those are probably the same people who will tell you Jesus was married.

You go much further than the Church does in describing homosexuality as an abomination. By your logic any homosexual person is an abomination simply by dint of their orientation and nothing to do with the things that they actually DO.

You should re-read the teaching documents of the Church before you propound your opinions further, because in your opinions I detect ‘violence of thought and word’.


The Church respects the fact that people have innate tendencies that are naturally part of them but calls on them to live chastely.

You don’t even appear to agree with the Church on that. You appear to think that homosexuality is an active choice.

As yourself this: as a heterosexual person, would you be able to CHOOSE to become homosexual? (By which I mean change your orientation, not act simply in opposition to your natural instincts). Even the Church recognises that homosexuals can’t simply switch off or change their desires. Everyone can choose whether or not to act on such desires, but nobody can switch them off.

Homosexual relations is an abomination under Old Testament law. However, as Christians, we are not bound by Old Testament law. It applies only to the Jews. We are bound by New Testament law, the law of Christ.

The only reference made about homosexuality in the New Testament is where St. Paul describes it as part of the pagan worship of idols, which it was at that time. The sin there is worshiping Zeus, Apollo, etc.

The only sexual sins Jesus Himself ever mentions are adultery and divorce.

You will also note that there is no reference in the Bible anywhere regarding female homosexuality, or lesbianism.

Our own Catholic catechism admits the Church itself is not sure what is the cause of homosexuality, and it requires Catholics not to discriminate in any way against homosexuals.

Russ, anyone who hates homosexuality as much as you do obviously is struggling with his own homosexual urges. I suggest you seek out a counselor. God be with you.

lol, you were just posting the dangers of the lifestyle of being gay and saying that is why God calls us not to do it. It is dangerous to ride a bike down mountains as well…do you or God go to bike trails and protest because it is dangerous?

Society is accepting to homosexuality. Catholics are going to have to deal with this.

St Paul cautions us against an immoral lifestyle including homosexuality. It is therefore in the New Testament as well:

Do you not know that the unjust will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators nor idolaters nor adulterers nor boy prostitutes nor practicing homosexuals nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor robbers will inherit the kingdom of God.

(1 Cor 6:9-10)

Hmm, no one condemns “slanderers” much, do they? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

You need to have a thick skin in dealing with Facebook and posting stuff. I say things that anger people all the time, many “friends” have de-friended me, and I wear it as a badge of honor. I even had a cousin who I never talk to block me. That was actually a bit flattering!

Is it sinful? Yes, if your just “pointing and laughing” or preaching without compassion. If your just trying to raise conversation, toughen up, have fun, and be prepared!

Well first off let me just say as a gay man we ALL know the risks associated with our sex lives. We don’t need you to tell us that. A posting like that to a gay man makes it seem like you feel that you are better/smarter/etc. then us. You may not feel that way at all but that’s how it comes across. It probably came across that way to your friends also and that’s probably why you got such a negative reaction.

And whether or not the video is “hateful” or not I can’t give my opinion on because I haven’t seen it. It may very well NOT be hateful just worded badly. Would you mind posting a link to it?

First off let me just point out what you said how it is on your wall and not theirs. So you have every right to voice your opinion on there however you want as long as it is not hateful. Just be reminded that other people have their opinions and they will make theirs know just how you have yours. It’s only fair.

Your reasoning though and maybe it’s just worded wrong, but to me seems condescending not only to myself as a gay man but to your friends as well. Trying “to help others see the truth” and “get the word out” just seems like you think you are better then others and that you’re the only one who can save our souls. THOUGH I COULD BE WRONG. I don’t know you, so I can’t say. Please tell me if I am, I fully apologize if I am wrong.

But anyway here is my opinion on the whole thing; I’m sure your friends already know how you feel on this issue. They have their opinions. I’m sure you don’t want them pushing their beliefs on you, the same way they don’t want it from you.

Live and let live.

That’s my opinion, just let it go. :cool:

I just want to point out two things on your post.

I suppose you are aware of the fact that abomination did not mean sin in those times, it just meant unclean. Such as eating pork. Look it up if you don’t beileve me.

Many people even some Catholics will argue that Soddom was not destroyed for the sin of lust but for the sin of greed.

I’m not over here trying to say “Yay! Gay!” but just pointing out some things in your argument.

Peace, dude. :cool:

Oh I definitely agree with you that there is an unhealthy focus on sexual sins only on this site in particular, while other sins seem to be ignored. I think if you scroll up to my other posts in this thread that will become quite clear.

But I did want to correct the poster who said that homosexuality as an abomination was only mentioned in the OT. It also mentioned as I pointed out, in the NT as well, alongside non-sexual sins, but also alongside sexual sins unrelated to sexual orientation. After all, if scripture is to be used to defend a point in a debate, it is helpful to know where in scripture the issue comes up.

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