Facebook suggestions

I don’t spend a lot of time on FB but most of it seems to be clearing out “suggestions”

Hey, Zuckerberg! Just cuz I Like Jimmy Akin’s podcast doesn’t mean I want to be friends with all the other (very nice, I’m sure) people who do likewise. Et cetera.

After the friend suggestions died down the product suggestions. Now, I don’t have many FB “friends”, mostly immediate family, a few real friends and a few friends-of-family. Apparently many enjoy Liking product websites. So, I’ve been getting suggestions for Popeye’s, Best Buy, KFC, Wal-Mart, L’Oreal, Lingerie Diva (hey, bro! your wife is going to see this!),

Then it dawned that everything I ever liked & everybody I Friended was being suggested to my FB friends. I’m glad my online life is pretty boring.

Is there anyway to turn off suggestions? Will they go away if I just ignore them, i.e. don’t even bother to reject them?

Hey thanks. I was having one of those momentary desires to join FB. You deterred me once again!! Appreciate the input. :):wink:

Install Mozilla Firefox. Find Facebook Purity on their list of add-ons. Turn off all the features you don’t want on Facebook.

Facebook Purity

Get rid of Facebook! Fixes many problems with Facebook. Hahaha.

Not only can you not turn it off, but the Facebook websites will make suggestions to you based on things you type in your posts. For example, type something like “I’m looking for a new house.” and you’ll notice the advertisements are for real estate agents in your area and furniture rental stores. “We’re pregrant!” and suddenly your side bar is full of Babies R Us ads. You’d be amazed at the information social networking website gleam from your seemingly innocent posts. Some sites ever read your search history. For example, if I go to youtube, whatever video I’m watching is interrupted by an advertisement for a fertility monitor, because last week I was looking up information on NFP. Creepy huh?

You can at least set your privacy settings so that what you “like” is only visible to the people you want it to be visible to. So if you don’t want Aunt Ruthie to know that you “like” Metallica, you can set it up that way. :slight_smile:

Thanks, it works on Google Chrome too!

I am not familiar with the program, so I am not sure if my understanding is correct. But from the looks of it, the program doesn’t change how Facebook handles the information you post. It simply filters the information from others which is displayed on your page.

So while Facebook Purity may cut down on the clutter you have to sift through, it doesn’t prevent Facebook from using your posts to spam other people. And, of course, Facebook is still collecting and compiling a profile of you which it can sell to other companies. And that possibly includes what your friends have “liked,” even if Facebook Purity prevents those “likes” from being displayed on your page.

I dunno… I realize that Facebook makes life easier, but it comes with a big loss in personal privacy. I deleted my account a couple months ago. It wasn’t easy to find out how. Facebook does everything it can to get you to simply deactivate your account, rather than delete it. If you simply deactivate your account, it still exists on Facebook. It just isn’t displayed to the public.

If anyone is interested, here is the link to permanently delete your Facebook account:


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