Facebook tacitly approves - Watch–Colorado Communists Protest Outside ICE Warden’s Home: ‘No Borders, No Nations!’

Doxing (almost certainly), threats of violence, hate.

Will these guys be banned by Monday morning on Big social media?


Why not?

Because of their leftist political message they probably will not be banned.

Watch–Colorado Communists Protest Outside ICE Warden’s Home: ‘No Borders, No Nations!’

. . . The Abolish ICE organizations had been permitted for weeks to organize the protest outside Choate’s home via Facebook, as Breitbart News noted. In one instance, members of the Denver Communist group threatened to set the Aurora ICE facility on fire.

“FIRE TO THE PRISON,” the group posted on its official Facebook page. . .

All caps original.

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Currently there is an anti ICE march and rally that extends from the Denver Capital to the ice location about 8 miles away. With all the warnings of the massive crowds and potential for violence there appears to be at this point anyway only about 90 participants most of which native Americans.On the other side there is a peaceful rally of pro ICE and law enforcement supports already about three hundred .Looks like at least for now the open border crowned is falling like a lead balloon.

Jeanne_S . . .

about 90 participants most of which native Americans.

How about that.

Native Americans WANTING MORE people coming in (open borders).

I have heard some Native Americans complain about the “white man” coming in.

But I usually don’t hear them ASK for MORE people coming into America.

I’m certainly not doubting you or even your source.

I just find it interesting that these Native Americans would adopt democrat causes, even when some Native Americans (at least according to some Native Americans that I have heard) think non-Native American influx here has hurt the Native Americans.

But whatever.

I have never had an issue with immigration.
(I have had a Big issue with ILLEGAL immigration though.)

Well they were there in full regalia and also protesting on behalf of the Hispanic community.Go figure!:flushed:

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