Facebook usage

Hello all.

So I’ve a question regarding the usage of Facebook. Would it, in the opinion (hopefully the educated opinion) or those here be wrong to use said site given that the site lists some dozens of “gender whatchamacallits” for confused persons to use?



Thank you both!

What you are essentially asking is if you have an obligation under pain of sin to not use facebook.

The answer I would have to say is no.

The only exception I can think of is if you’re using facebook with the intention of supporting something that is against Church teaching, and obviously that’s not apparent here.

I dont think its a sin, but I do think FB and our society in general is getting way too accepting of just about any kind of sex, or relationships!LOL

I cant think of who it was, but I heard about some guy trying to actually marry an object, I think it was his car, but not 100% sure…there was another guy who had a thing for balloons, one guy who actually thought he was in a relationship with a stuffed animal!! Im not joking, this guy was serious and what was scary, people were encouraging him, saying he should do whatever makes him happy LOL…my point is, in modern times, people are sooo open and accepting of anything, its scary, and I think will reach a point of majority of people accepting beastiality, relationships/ sex with children, relationships with objects, etc.!

Its like, absolutely NOTHING is wrong in todays world when it comes to what type of sex life and relationship a person wants to pursue LOL this is like the sexual revolution gone waaayy too far.

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