Facebook users wage condom campaign against Pope


Thousands have pledged to send the pontiff millions of condoms to protest the controversial comment he made to journalists as he flew to Cameroon last week."

I believe this situation is only going to become bigger. The world is noticeably heading faster and faster from the culture of life. In the United States we just hit the accelerator on moving towards the culture of death. Here is Washington State we approved a bill for assisted suicide making it legal.

And of those thousands, only a handful will actually do it.

Internet tough guys are only tough on the Internet.

Facebook users waging a campaign against the Pope? Oh no…what will he do???:eek:

Condoms make great balloons.

Perhaps he can pass them on to the birthday party clowns in Italy, and they will delight their audiences by reshaping them into rabbits and elephants and swords and all sorts of delightful balloon shapes.

One thing is for sure, the Catholic Church and the papacy will be around much longer than facebook will ever be!

It simply amazes me that anyone would advocate condom use in the fight against the AIDS. While condoms are an intrinsic evil in all cases, here it is even more so because it is a false sense of security – where this and you can go on with multiple partners in illicit sex as if you didn’t have AIDS. Give me a break. When one has AIDS, as far as I’m concerned, the only option is abstinence. Full stop, end of story! To say, we need to supply condoms, basically is saying 'You people (with AIDS) are incapable of taking responsibility.

Lets say a person who work sin McDonalds has the flu. This person loves to cook, though, so we say, here wear latex gloves and a face mask while making those quarter pounders. There would be horrors at this! Yet we say, use a condom so that you can go on having sex and not spread AIDS – or at least come close to not doing so since we know that there is still a risk.

The mind boggles at how the world thinks!

In Christ’s Peace



Better than sending them to Africa to perpetuate the problem.

What do they think the Pope is going to do with them? Silly pre-teens.

I don’t know why this was thread was even started.

Reminds me when the faculty at the HS I teach at was called out right after school to help out at the bus loop. The administration got wind of a major fight that was going to break out outside. Turns out that it was a buch of skaters that were cousiong trouble. I told the vice principle “Skaters??? You brought out here for skaters???” For the rest of the year I was sending “We better mobilize, the Chess Club and Woodwinds were going at each other at lunch” emails to the VP.

Same thing here - a bunch of keyboard dorks finally standing up fpr something. I highly doubt any of them will do anything - except type about it.

Satan’s agents are busy working for the destruction of all people. That is the individual person, marriage, the family, and relationships in every society and among all nations. He hates us and he hates our babies who are like messengers from God which give the rest of us a glimpse of our pure and simple humanity; who make us stop and ponder the beauty of life, if only for a moment.
In Satan’s great scheme of things condom’s are less about preventing Aids and more about preventing babies .
Let us never fail to pray for all those who have been deluded and blinded by him. Through our prayers they can someday have the chance to see his lie for what it is - obscene.

How do you know all of this or are you making assumptions?

My thoughts exactly! I couldn’t help but laugh. I want to see the Pope’s reaction!

I remember reading The Screwtape Letters years ago, Screwtape write to his nephew that, given modern mass communications (this written in the 1940s), individual tempting might become obsolete except for trendsetters.

I wonder if any of these Facebook users did any research into the issue in order to come to an informed view of the pope’s actions or were they just led by the nose by the MSM and parked their brains on their computer desks when they logged in to Facebook?

The CNN article in great detail outlined the criticism of the Pope but they included no reference to the supporters of the Pope, some of whom I have linked below. What ever happened to objective journalism?

Some in the Catholic Church have rallied to the pontiff’s support.

This, unfortunately is true. :frowning: The silence from most of the priests, bishops, bishops’ conferences and cardinals of the world in support of the Pope has been deafening.

When any influential person, be it a religious or political leader, makes a false scientific statement that could be devastating to the health of millions of people, they should retract or correct the public record," The Lancet said in an editorial.
This is the same Lancet which, in October 2006 published highly questionable figures re casualties in the Iraq war which led to an investigation by The Times online and a suggestion of Lancet conflict of interest. Does the Lancet have a conflict of interest here also?

Will we see the Lancet retracting of correcting the public record for incorrectly accusing the pope of making a false scientific statement?

I found these websites from a quick Google search, evidently this is beyond the capabilities of the infuriated Facebook user or ‘impartial’ journalists.

Director Aids Prevention Research Project says Pope is correct.

The facts show church’s policy on Aids is right

Prominent Ugandan AIDS Activist Thanks Pope for Opposition to Condoms

Reassessing HIV Prevention

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Moscow Patriarchate Backs Pope’s Stance on Condoms

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African Students Defend Benedict XVI
Protest Biased Media Coverage of Africa Trip

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Cameroon Bishops’ Statement on AIDS
“The Holy Father Has Put Man at the Center of His Concern”

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AIDS Worker Says Africans Don’t Need Condoms
Web Site Documents Catholic Approach to Pandemic

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India’s Bishops Make Appeal on Pope’s Behalf
Call Recent Attacks “Irresponsible and Offensive”

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Cardinal Says Moral Education Needed To Fight AIDS

It’s very frustrating… these kids (and some older people) don’t realize that their idea of “reality” has actually been programmed into them by the popular culture. And that they’re the ones who are actually bigotted, ignorant, and don’t think for themselves. It’s sad and I don’t know how to reason with them.

Hardly assumption.He/she is just not wilfully blind.

I have no straightforward answers to your question Iamnotafraid except that most of my convictions on this issue have come from reading about the Catholic faith; both from the Divine sources and from the pious revelations of saints and the like. It might be a case of me synthesising in a few sentences what I believe it all boils down too. It is also a case of trying to live a good life and allowing God to work through the ordinary things of my life. I hope this helps.

Actually, I think my balloon comment is rather useful considering. It no doubt will be the most fun that they will ever have with a condom too.

Keep in mind, the OP is anti-Catholic and promotes sexual promiscuity via the widespread distribution of contraceptives and utter rejection of authentic Christian morality.

I pray the send millions. This just means that there will be fewer available for other uses,

And what do I think the Pope will do? Get down on his knees and pray for these misguided souls.

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