Facebook will make anti-vaccine content less visible


As an educator, I am all for children being vaccinated. I consider it negligence not to.
This is equally wrong. FB can do whatever it wants, but silencing speech is what tyrants and jackboots do.


I won’t comment on the anti-vaxxer facebook article but the youtube article sounds like it could work. It will be tried in India first. There really isn’t anything wrong with having some oversight as far as that goes and youtube is as the article says, gargantuan.


The anti-vaxxers are not being silenced. They have a lot of other platforms they can use to convince parents to risk their childrens’ health. Facebook is not obligated to encourage dangerous nonsense.


On the flip side of this when something negative becomes popular on social networks those networks are sometimes criticized for not doing enough to stop it.


Umm, I think I said that they can do as they choose, but to deny that in FB their view is being silenced is just inaccurate.


Not by me. I believe a representative republic is dependent on the free exchange of ideas.


I understand there are those “anti-vaxers” who aren’t totally against vaccination, but are against the way it’s administered in mega-shots of all kinds of things at the same time. Some think it’s better to space them out so the kid’s immune system isn’t presented with all kinds of adjustments at the same time. I don’t know who’s right in that, but I do know the VA grants disability to veterans who develop autoimmune disorders from the even more massive vaccinations soldiers get.

So it’s not all crackpot stuff.


You’ll notice I didn’t say they aren’t being silenced in Facebook.


And given the nature of their message, that is as it should be (that they be silenced)

Regarding tyrants and jackboots, they also drink chocolate milk, I suppose. That doesn’t make drinking chocolate milk bad.


That’s why careful discernment of the messages is necessary.

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Are @VaccinesPopulationCo, @VaccinesSpreadFluVir, @VaccinesCauseAutism, and @VaccinesSterilizeWo bot accounts?

I’m still rather torn. I tend to agree that giving those with power—whether politicians or corporations—the authority to curate information seems like the forerunner of tyranny.

But with the advent of social media, it’s so easy to spread misinformation. I have family members who share on Facebook every scary thing and sob story that they come across (and which a 10 second visit to Snopes could clarify is a complete fabrication). And yet so many people out there just react and share. And on certain topics, that can have dangerous repercussions. There are a lot of people out there that don’t bother fact-checking for themselves.

Is this just the price of living in a free society? That some people will believe and pass along dangerous “alternative facts”? Maybe it is. I’m still on the fence about it myself.

But then I keep thinking of the whole, “When they come for me, there is no one left around to fight for me.” What happens when Facebook or the government decides that Catholic sexual ethics are “dangerous” to the general public welfare and need to be curtailed?


Woah, that’s bizarre. They all joined the same day, none have posted anything, but they’ve liked a couple dozen posts…

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So far, the candidate promoting it didn’t get elected. What happens in the future remains to be seen.

If you’ve ever been privy to a discussion of vaccines in a mom’s group on FB, you might have some sense of how irrational and ugly it gets. Almost all of the groups of which I’m a part banned the topic a long time ago for this reason.


Learned something new. I didn’t know they existed.

I will give my opinion on this, because I am skeptical to an extent.

I understand Vaccines do lots of good. And I am not against them, however…

I had a job that required me to get vaccinated for many viruses around the globe. Many times my vaccine record could not be found and I was given the same shots again. I do have some issues now years after this. So my question has been. How much vaccination is bad for health if any?

The record of vaccinations I received after I left the job was 2 1/2 pages long, and those where only the ones that made it to the list, because often the shot records where not found.

That said also viruses mutate and become stronger. we can not vaccinate every single person in the world, and people will always have viruses.

Is anti-vaccine a good thing? I do not believe so, but closing the argument will not help it.

As Venerable Fulton Sheen once said: Tell me who paid for the study and I will tell you the result. [I might have butcher his words, but it was in the ball park]

It is my understanding some vaccines can’t even be obtained that only contain one or two agents. It’s the whole fruit salad or nothing.

Is it fair to characterize the sides in the Mom’s groups as follows:
Group A: Either my child was negatively impacted (or thought to have been negatively impacted) , or the child of someone I know was impacted (or thought to have been negatively impacted) by vaccines.
Group B: Vaccines do far more good than harm. The risk is worth it to society

Any other viewpoints you experienced?

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