Is Facebook safe? I have heard several Facebook stories, just want to be sure I know what I am getting into.

Sure, as long as you don’t put anything on there that you wouldn’t want the whole world to know.

Facebook is fine as long as you use some simple safeguards :

  • as PV just said, don’t put any personal / identifying info on there that you don’t want others (including those with bad intentions) to know eg. where you live / ph no. (always a bad idea on the net)

  • only accept people you know (or whom you’ve verified from other friends as vouched for) as your “friends”.

I find it a great way of keeping in touch with friends from all parts of the globe whom I haven’t seen for ages and may not have been able to contact - old school friends for eg. one now a priest!

A work colleague was worried about photos of him being on facebook for all the world to see so he didn’t have a facebook page - there are about 32 photos of me on Facebook and I only put 2. Members of my family put the rest. The secret if not to be photographed doing something so embarassing you don’t wnat it on the web!

Good luck - like most things on the web, Facebook can be both good and bad!

Also make sure that as soon as you join you set your privacy settings to only allow friends to view your information. By default anyone can view your stuff, if you set it for friends only then you say who can and can’t view your personal information.

Also even though it asks for your personal phone number and address, don’t put up that information. You should only give that information to people you really want to have it.

As someone else said, even if you take all these steps, assume that anything you put up the entire world will see.

Put your name, and possibly your last inital only.

No birthday, addresses, phone numbers, schools you attended, work places, or pictures. (1 picture is ok).

Turn privacy settings, for all aspects, so that only your friends can see items.

Facebook is fine, just don’t invite random people as “friends” and go to “privacy” and select the option that allows only your friends to see your information. You can even make it that only you see some of your information. :slight_smile:

I have such fun keeping in touch with friends that I wouldn’t ordinarily connect with that frequently! There isn’t too much about my life that is top secret, so I don’t worry! Have fun with it!:rotfl::rotfl::rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:

Why not just e-mail your friends then? lol :shrug:

My cousin’s son is college age and he arranged some sort of meetup and everyone going posted their phone number. Now I don’t know any of these girls and thankfully I’m not cruising for girls, but if I wanted some college-age girl phone numbers, they were there for me to see. I didn’t think that was the brightest of things for them to do.

Don’t criticize your employer! There have been cases of people ranting about their jobs on Facebook, or about the customers, and their employers finding the comments and firing them. One girl even got fired for calling her job “boring” on her Facebook status update.

I just got started on Facebook – I wish I could get them to quit suggesting “friends” to me.

You can find some good Catholic friends – Patrick Madrid is there, likewise Fr Jay Finelli (the iPadre).

I’ve been involved in online communities for over 30 years and seen them evolve from small pockets to an intergalactic phenomenon (well, almost).

I don’t participate in Facebook or Myspace because there’s too much downside risk–especially if you’re looking for a job (and let’s face it, just about everyone’s looking for a job these days). The first thing prospective employers do is scan candidates for Facebook/Myspace pages–and trust me, they aren’t looking for reasons to like you, they’re looking for reasons not to hire you. (Don’t know if you know it, but the job of HR people is to keep people out, not let them in.) Companies aren’t supposed to discriminate based on appearance, but posting photos of yourself makes it easy for a potential employer to decide if they like your looks or not. (They’d never admit they do this, but if they’ve managed to circumvent basic human nature, that’s news to me.)

So I’d advise caution.

Saw srlucado’s post and it made me think. If you’re looking for a job, and so many of us are in this market, there is a pretty good job specific social networking site called Linkedin. It’s facebookish in that it’ll let you search for friends and colleagues but doesn’t have that blog quality that sometimes gets Facebook users into trouble with HR. It’s a nice medium if you’re trying to reconnect and network while keeping a low profile. Just a thought.


It gives you the ability to have a “conversation” with more than one person at a time, and all in one place - no clogged up inbox.

I was NEVER interested in Facebook, but a friend of mine will only communicate that way with her family and friends, so if I wanted to see family photos and keep in touch I had to join up. :rolleyes: Now I have added friends I have not heard of since high school (26 years ago!), and family members who otherwise I don’t think I would hear from.

It’s a pretty fun thing, I don’t spend a lot of time there, but used wisely I don’t see anything wrong with it.


Neither do I Liza. :smiley: Had one for several months now and think it’s great. The IM feature is great and much faster than email. The reason I said why not just email is because Juggling Ref said not to have birthday, addresses, phone numbers, schools you attended, work places, or picture(except for one). Last time I check that’s part of what facebook is about, especially pictures. Though I do agree on being careful about addresses.

Pay very close attention to the e-mails which tell you that so and so has tagged you in a photo. There have been times where I had to be like, uh no, and remove the tag and therefore remove the picture from my facebook.

Unfortunately, any pictures your friends take of you, posted, and labeled, are by default added to your pictures on your facebook page. It is up to you to be attentive and remove these tags. Then as other have mentioned, make sure your profile page is set to private and set so only your friends can see it.

Never criticize your employers, your professors, your whatever on your facebook status or wall. If someone posts something that might be offensive then remove it immediately. Again, pay very close attention to the e-mails you get and what is being posted to your page by defauly. Friends mean well but sometimes are rather stupid when posting information and it can sometimes involve you.

We are in a bit of a “Facebook crisis” in our home with our teenaged daughter. Our children are not permitted to use social networking sites because (1) as parents, we don’t have time to spend policing their privacy settings and postings (nor do we choose to spend our scant free time doing so); (2) the downside risk appears TREMENDOUS, particularly for girls who can easily be targeted by online predators; (3) these sites are huge timewasters; and (4) they strike us as creepily narcissistic. All that said, our daughter is now being subtly ostracized by her so-called friends because she’s not on Facebook, and that’s where they set up all of their social activities – parties, movie dates, etc. Naturally, we’re the bad guys, and she can’t understand why we won’t give in. We could use some advice, commiseration, prayers…

Lucky for me, my name is so dirt common, that googling my name yields hundreds of thousands of results (and that’s with my name in quotation marks). I pity the poor HR person trying to find stuff about me online. :slight_smile:

my teenage niece is on facebook. i haven’t perused all of her info on there, but she is my friend and her facebook time is relatively light. she does text a lot tho, outside of facebook. but facebook can be fun. and like others have said, you can set her privacy settings very high so that no one would find her. in fact, my cousin has her privacy settings so high that only she can invite to get friends because no one else can find her in the searches. yes it can be a waste of time, but if you have an internet connection, 90% of most internet activity is a waste of time. :shrug: yes, people do abuse facebook, but if you are already strict with your child, then hopefully she will just naturally stay within your limits??

Just never post anything you wouldn’t want your boss or your mother to see, and that isn’t already general knowledge among your friends, anyway.

Even with privacy turned on, friends of your friends can still see your photo albums, so don’t put anything in them that could potentially embarrass yourself or anyone else. And never be photographed or video-taped doing anything you wouldn’t want the whole world to see, because you don’t know if the photographer/videographer is going to “tag” you and post it on his own Facebook page.

“Tags” get linked back to your page, and anyone clicking on your page can see not only your own photo albums and videos, but anyone else’s photo albums and videos that you’ve been tagged in.

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