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hi. i spend maybe $50 per month removing facial hair. if i let it be, i have very abundant and unattractive hair. is this a vain attachment? i could learn to remove the hair myself but it would be an effort. it would cost a lot less though.

That 50$ could be better spent on charity.

I don’t know what your facial hair looks like (how much, how dark) so I’m not in a place to say it’s vanity. If it makes you self-conscious then you are probably spending a lot of time thinking about and worrying about what you look like, I think that is vanity. By taking care of business on a regular basis, and hopefully this is a basic part of your grooming, and thus, don’t spend time thinking about yourself and what you look like.

I’m not sure what method you use to remove the hair but you could learn to remove some of the hair yourself. I do my own brows; I’ve found I do a better job than pros now. There are products available that are effective and less expensive and you could probably save time and money by doing touch ups yourself. Have the professionals do it before events, especially ones with photo-ops. :wink:

Also, consider if it’s truly unattractive or off-putting. Do people comment or seem distracted by it? Then it makes sense to remove it. How do you feel about yourself with or without the hair (I’m talking about your dignity as a child of God)? If you are okay with yourself but just wish you didn’t have to fuss with facial hair, I think your are okay, but if you hate yourself with it, that is another matter. Culture is a major influence when it comes whether or not facial or body hair is attractive and consider that in some cultures your natural growth would be very attractive and preferable. Love your self as you are, but if you think you need to modify something so you can perceived more favorably with shallow strangers, then just do it. :thumbsup:

Have you ever been evaluated to look for a medical cause for this?

As to whether it is vanity, I think that depends on the extent of the problem, how much it interferes with your life if left alone, and how much time you save by having someone else to it. Time, after all, can be given to charity as well as money, and for some people is an even greater sacrifice.

The same thing could be said about shampoo, deodorant and anything other than basic plain soap.

kittyplant asks** : “* … removing facial hair.
If i let it be, i have very abundant and unattractive hair.
is this a vain attachment?”*

I say . . . NO . . . it’s not Vain.

I assume that you are a Female.
Wearing a lot of facial hair is NOT something any woman should have to up with.
Unlike other “touch-Ups” . . . in the United States, many people just don’t like to see it.

So, just as if you only washed your Hair once a month, it would look pretty Flaky at the end of the month.

It is NOT Vain to want to look socially respectable.
Plastic Surgery, on the other hand, could easily be Vain (depending on the motive of the patient).**

I don’t see a problem as long as this expense isn’t taking away from your obligations, especially to your family. At-home hair removal is a dicey prospect - sometimes good results and sometimes not so good. If you are concerned about the recurring expense, you could look into some of the more permanent solutions. More expensive up front but cheaper in the long run.

In any case, this isn’t sinful vanity. It is simply keeping a clean and attractive appearance which is commendable.

i do waxing. i could live without doing but i wouldnt feel very good. i feel “fresh and clean” when it’s gone, like a shower. i just feel sloppy when i leave it. it is dark, on the thick side and noticeable.

I think it would cause scandal to let it go. People would be surprised by it, and have bad thoughts. By removing it, you are keeping everyone else from sin.

I once as a child went to church in a town I was on vacation in and a woman had a FULL (fuller than most men’s) mustache. I could not pay attention to the mass.

Consider it a form of veiling; you are reducing what might make you stand out. It’s a sign of humility to have your waxing/threading/lasering or whatever done.

If you are male why cant you buy a disposable razor or electric razor and shave your own face instead of paying someone else 50 dollars a month to do it?

If you are female why not buy hair removing creams/waxs/epilator etc…theres plenty of home hair removing options

Simple answers - shaving leaves stubble which is IMO worse than facial hair and horrible to apply make-up over.

I’ve never used an epilator but I’m not sure the face is the best place to use it since the hair can be very fine. Cream depilitator results last about as long as shaving (YMMV) and I experienced chemical burns after leaving it on the correct amount of time (YMMV), so I had irritated skin, stray hair that was missed and a day or two later, outgrowth. No thanks.

Have you tried sugaring? I have had Alexandria body sugaring done professionally but I also use Nair Naturally Smooth Warm Wax for my underarms and Nad’s facial wand eyebrow shaper at home. Neither are a true resin wax, it’s water soluble so it’s easier and safer to use. I pay attention when I had it done professionally and do what I can at home.

I know what you mean by fresh and clean. And products seem to go on better. Make-up looks better, deodorant goes on better, etc. Also, a hair is very small but has large surface area for it’s size and that area can harbor bacteria (e.g. underarm odor) so I’m happy to get rid of it. But villious hair also serves a purpose and it’s harder to detect creepy crawlies without hair. Just FYI :slight_smile:

Since it’s the way God made you, it may be a chance to stand up and give others the courage to be slightly different as well. If you can find the courage to let your hair grow, it may be an opportunity to inspire others who do not feel comfortable in the bodies God gave them.

I recommend praying for an answer. He could probably answer you better than we can.

Keep waxing. Don’t let it go. It’s not vain to want to look nice. When you look nice you feel great. However…as another poster said…plastic surgery is a different story.

Mother Angelica replied to a similar concern about wearing cosmetics. She said that it could be considered an act of charity for the benefit of others for one to wear cosmetics. :stuck_out_tongue:
I think spending money on making oneself presentable, including removing of excess hair, wearing of cosmetics (if so desired), making oneself smell nice, is not at all excessive, nor should it be called a vain attachment.
Many males get their haircut each month, many women get regular hair treatments, many people spend money on nice bath products and scents. In my opinion, it is just part of us being considerate of others and taking care of ourselves.

My sister, who has PCOS, has this same problem. She gets regular facial waxing, too. I think it is good for her to do it. She likes how it makes her look and feel, and she is not at all vain, in my opinion. It is just part of her regular grooming habits, except she has professional help with it. :slight_smile:

Why not buy your own electric razor?

This doesn’t really make much sense to me. I mean, God made me with hair under my arms and on my legs. Does that mean it is vain for me to shave or wax the hair? Should Christian women be compelled to all stop removing any body hair, since that is how God made them? Should Christian men be compelled to grow out a full beard, no matter if that means that they can no longer be a chef, or a surgeon, or a engineer in a clean factory? Should we all grow our hair out, even the men, like Samson, and never cut it? :shrug:

Nor should you brush or floss your teeth. That is God-given plaque you’re brushing away!!!

Has anybody tried no-no?



Ive seen it on tv advertisements…it would be interesting to k ow if it really does remove hair as good as they say it does?

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