Fact Check: Dianne Feinstein Says Barrett Will ‘Vote to Strip Millions of Americans of Their Health Care’ - Unlikely

Read it again.

She was not asked to provide any forecasts or hints or the specifics of any particular case! So the Ginsberg rule is not applicable. To disclose one’s generic disposition, and affirm that this disposition will not influence her decision in any particular case - that would have been the proper way to go.

Sure she was. She was asked questions that, if answered, would give a hint of how she might rule in cases that could very well end up before the court.

Of course the Ginsberg Rule applies. She stated her responsibility to apply it.

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Come on. What actual, specific case was asked? Verbatim! And how “might” rule tells you nothing about how she “would” rule, if it happened.

Seems to me that you would NOT trust her to keep her word. I would trust her, but I would like to learn about her self-professed opinion. Of course if she actually CAME clean - being a good Catholic - she would have a problem to deviate from her own sworn word. If she evades the question, then she could pretend that she never actually said what she insinuated. This is a typical evasion process, . . .

If a case concerning, say, abortion might come up, she needs to be very careful not to project an opinion about how she might rule in that possible case. That’s the basis of Senator Biden’s Ginsberg Rule.

I trust her not to pre-judge without seeing all evidence. Her personal opus irrelevant beforehand.

That’s why she should not insinuate.

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