Factory Farming


“Catholic teaching about stewardship of creation leads us to question certain farming practices, such as the operation of massive confined animal feeding operations. We believe that these operations should be carefully regulated and monitored so that environmental risks are minimized and animals are treated as creatures of God.”

—from United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, For I was Hungry and You Gave Me Food: Catholic Reflections on Food, Farmers, and Farmworkers (Washington, DC: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, 2004), 31.

We as Catholic use our vote to express our beliefs. We research charities to make sure they are not giving money to planned parenthood. Shouldn’t we be using our diets and where we buy our food from to express our faith also?

We need to question ourselves on topics like:

  1. Do we need to eat meat and if so do we need it 3 times a day plus snacks.
  2. Where does our food come from?
  3. What sort of treatment does our food go through (from physical to chemical)


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I think most people DO NOT think about their food, where it comes from, the toil of the farmers, or the suffering of the animals. Affluent peoples take food for granted. Everybody’s too busy with their lives.

I found this and thought it was interesting:



I would agree with this. Growing up my family and I never thought about this stuff. It has only been withing the last decade for me that this topic has caught my attention. Then I started researching the food I was in taking and was horrified with what I found. I found the days of the family farm where gone for the most part. It has become a processing line of meat production where living animals are injected, penned, and all around mistreated for the bottom line.

The good news is that organic and free range farming is growing and the product is more sanitized. The bad part about that is it is more expensive. If we start being more mindful of where our food comes from there will be more of these farms so prices will drop.


Could you send that link again - could not open it.

I know I never thought about where my food came from till I began learning about CAFO’s - and my daughter kept sharing information - sometimes more than I wanted to know! What first hit me so strongly was the pollution, the environmental toll such large producers have on land, air and water quality of the surrounding communities. The health of those who work in this industry - it felt (and does feel) like a justice issue - and then of course all the other issues became stronger!


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