Fahrenheit 11/9 Trailer Exposes Michael Moore's Plan to Dump Trump


The influence is direct: people associated with the college buy most of the tickets, so they play movies college students and employees would be interested in seeing. They largely aren’t interested in D’Souza.

You should avoid threads about them too.


I don’t. I have not seen “Roger and Me” all the way through, but I read the related book “Rivethead” and grew up in the Rust Belt and had an uncle who lived in Flint, so that one I would watch again all the way through. Moore is also from Flint, so he had some idea what he was portraying.

Once Moore decided to take on every super-liberal issue out there, he became progressively less and less interesting and more just another caricature of the Hollywood liberal. A guy from Flint is not a credible source on what goes on at Columbine in Colorado. Heck, I wouldn’t even consider him a credible source on Shaker Heights, Ohio.

I do give him a cookie for being one of the only pundits to predict Trump’s election. I bet that’s because he was from the Rust Belt. I myself thought Trump had a chance to win but since virtually every friend of mine had apoplexy at the very thought, I only mentioned it to my husband. That’s what spouses are for…to listen to the stuff you can’t in a million years say to your “friends”.


I have lived almost 50 years and I’ve never watched a Michael Moore film.


It’s not too hard to avoid.


Is anyone actually surprised that Michael Moore is a Trump opponent?


How is he intellectually dishonest? (D’Souza)


Actually, the old movie theatre was within a mile of the university. The new movie theatre, less than a year old, is on the complete opposite side of town - about 20 miles from the university.


I have heard Dinesh interviewed twice about his movie and I would really
ike to see it, but I will be surprised if it shows up here. We have a new 16 theatre movie theatre - it used to be 11. We will see with 5 more screens they might show it even if it is only showed once or twice a day.


Movie theatres are going the way of the dodo. I am sure both films will be offered by the various streaming services that are available.


This whole industry of “exposing” things has gotten out of hand. But what I find so weird are those who seem immune to holding our President to any norms of behavior. It’s the stuff he says and does in public in his own words on very public platforms. You would not accept this behavior at all from your children. This is not conspiracy, this is not filtered by media, it’s not “fake” news, and you can read and view it for itself. What gives?


How can you judge the man’s faith? Do you know him personally?


You likely bought off-brand foil.


And you simply know they are bad through some sort of spidey senses?


The trailer for this movie makes me not want to waste my money on it.


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