Failed abortions?


hey everyone… id just like to ask on how you feel about failed abortions. For those wondering why I changed my question wording, I realized how insensitive I sounded when speaking of how I was happy the child would be able to live, when the woman who did it may be suffering. If you all see this please forgive me… I realized after certain comments that the way I worded it was wrong, and it made me feel like a bad person. Now onto the question. How would you guys feel on failed abortions? And before I get lectured and stuff, please keep in mind I am a teen who just recently learned of the churches teachings on abortion. So any links or information will be greatly appreciated. I am 100% against abortions.


We feel bad that any abortion or abortion attempt takes place. We are not in a position to judge the woman or even the abortionists state of soul. Only God can judge hearts.


What exactly do you expect people to feel?

Of course people feel bad the woman was in the position she had to try for an abortion. Of course people feel terrible for the infant also. All round it is a sad situation.

Not exactly something to rejoice about is it? I certainly don’t judge the couple, but I don’t agree with their decision.


i know, im not rejoicing about it. I just dont know how to feel. I only feel glad about the thing about how the child gets to live, but otherwise i do feel sorry for the people in this situation. and please, if my question makes me seem like a bad person, i am sorry and please let me know as i will change it. i just dont know as this situation confuses me. @ewohdrol


@JimG thank you for your answer. I was just confused as how I am supposed to feel, as I am merely just a teen.


I find this type of question odd. Feelings that occur should be acknowledged. All thoughts and actions should then be charitable.


@Vico ahh sorry for about that… if you would like i will just delete this question


Please no, someone else may have a different outlook that may be helpful.


@vico oh okay… i kinda feel like a terrible person now lol


This is your second post on this exact topic. Have you spoken to your parents or priest about your thoughts or feelings? It seems you are looking for an answer but unable to articulate the question.


I understand and don’t feel bad. You may however need to reevaluate why you feel the need to analyze this so deeply.

You don’t really need to ‘feel’ anything about them specifically. It was their decision and it didn’t work. Unwanted children are born all the time in all parts of the world - it becomes very sad if that child grows up knowing they were not wanted.

Being prolife doesn’t require you to be emotive about all abortions you personally know of (or attempted). You can be prolife and advocate for the unborn without specifically focusing on one couples specific circumstances.


Don’t worry! You are not a terrible person. It is good that you are thinking about and asking about these things, and Catholic Answers Forums is a relatively safe place to talk about it. Did someone respond in a way that made you feel like a terrible person? If so, maybe they misunderstood what you wrote.

Getting back to your questions, abortion is a tragedy for many reasons. The baby’s life is taken. The baby’s mother often feels regret and grief because of it. Abortion also harms our society because it weakens the respect we should all have for life and for every person.

I think the reason that abortion is a difficult and confusing topic is that it puts the life of the baby in opposition to other good and desirable things. When a woman gets an abortion, she isn’t thinking “I want to kill a baby.” She is thinking about some other good, like “I want my family to respect me” or “I want to go to college” or “I want to pursue my career.” When people support abortion politically, they are thinking about other goods, like “Women should have freedom” or (paradoxically) “Every child should be wanted, loved, and cared for.”

It is confusing, and people in our society don’t all agree on what’s most important. It is great that you are thinking about the issues and asking hard questions.

One other thing you can do is to pray. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you as you seek the truth. Ask Jesus to bring all people together. Give thanks and praise to the Father for all the good things in your life and for life itself. God bless you!


I wish that my daughter’s recent late term abortion had failed. My grandson would have been born next month. I loved him. Abortion is murder. That’s the stark truth. There is no way to sugar coat it. No need to be apologetic if you expressed happiness that an abortion failed. God Bless you.


@ewohdrol ah thank you for the feedback! I think the reason i may be over thinking it is because of how the term “abortion” haunts me quite frequently. Whenever I sleep, the term pops up in my mind and I dont see why, but I panic. Like when Im sleepy, these thoughts just come in and I just dont know what to do as Im not in a right state of mind. Anyways thank you for your answer!


@Flor im so sorry about that, ill pray for you and your family.


I’m sorry you lost a grandchild this way. Praying.


@Beryllos thank you so much! You answer did help clear myltipile things up for me, thank you!


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