Failure to Evangelize - Sin?

Hello All!
Quick question. A woman walked into my place of employment today and noticed the ashes on my forehead. She made a comment to the extent of, “Oh, I see that you have your ashes on today too.” This made me think that she was Catholic and so I asked where she attended Mass this morning. She informed me that she had not because she is no longer a practicing Catholic (now practicing as a Baptist) and because she did not feel anything in the Mass (though she referred to it as a service). The next thing I know she has moved on in the conversation without me being able to pass along more than an “mmhmm…,” just to acknowledge her discontents, and begins speaking about her former residency. By that time, I figured I had missed any opportunity to appropriately offer any thoughts about the beauty of the Mass, as well as any considerations for spirituality, because of my position as an employee and student. So, I carried out the rest of my responsibilities with this woman and maybe let the ashes on my forehead be my living witness?

My scrupulosity is creeping clearly…

Thank you!

In the confiteor at the start of mass, we ask the Lord to forgive us “for what we have done, and for what we have failed to do,” I have confessed similar things before. It gives me the resolve to try harder next time. Don’t beat yourself up over it, but look for the next opportunity, as it may be your positive attitude toward the faith, or a single word you use that may assist the Holy Spirit to lead someone back.

That seems more like proselitism since she is already in another Church, and I doubt we are obligued to do that.

He would only be calling her back to the Sacraments - from partial truth to full truth; from part of Christ to all of Him.

It seems like she may have been trying to avoid talking about religion. So, if it is obvious that people are trying to avoid the subject then I think that it will not help much to kind of force it. Also, I don’t think it sounds sinful in this circumstance and almost certainly not mortally sinful since I doubt you had full will.

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