Fainting/Falling at Prophesy/Healing Event


Would someone please explain why Catholics pass out when receiving a healing blessing as they are told that they’ve been overtaken by the Holy Spirit but have no reaction when receiving the body of Christ in the Eucharist?


i have never passed out , nor seen anyone pass out, yet, I attend anointing masses on a regular basis

the ones where the priest anoints the sick with oil


genuine tongues in genuine catholic charismatic renewal groups is not gibberish


Our parish invited a missionary named Brendan Case for a week of a variety of meetings. He’s charming, loud, enthusiastic, and received the approval of Pope Francis to heal folks’ ailments through the powers given to him by God thru the Holy Spirit.


got any proof of that or was it hearsay


Someone forgot to tell St. Paul and the Early Christians…


How so? The Apostles heal plenty in the NT


I, too, must confess I am sceptical of people being ‘slain in the spirit’ or speaking ‘tongues’.


I often cried when I received the Holy Eucharist. Granted it may be just emotion but the profound awe and gratefulness that I felt was real for me.

On the other hand, many Catholics today just consider receiving the Eucharist merely routine and it does not affect them in any way. It is especially true when just about everybody would come up to receive the Eucharist on Sunday.


Praise the Lord. He continues doing the work of healing today as what he did two thousand years ago. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever will be. He will make use of those who are willing vessels, for he said, they could do even greater things if they have faith. It is not a surprise. What is, is that we often do not believe that Jesus can do all the things that he had done to us, and therefore there is no miracles, no healing, because we do not have faith.

He said to the woman with the issue of blood, “be heal, your faith has saved you.” Many of us do not believe that anymore and when people seemingly have faith, we ridicule them.


Ain’t that the truth!


And it is true too that there are some who line up the queue to receive Holy Communion for the same reason. They do not want to be seen sitting in the pew, embarrassed that eyes be upon them for not going for Communion. There will always be such people.


I went to one service like this and it scared the dickens out of me.


I think the service for our Snake Handling friends in rural Appalachia would be even more disconcerting.


The Catholic Charismatic Renewal is an approved movement within the Church. Some of the posts on this thread are:

  1. insulting, and
  2. Arrogant in setting one’s self above the magisterium.


For the small handful of people who do so, it’s not really explainable. Last time we had a thread on this, someone posted that their spouse who was not given to such reactions or public displays did fall down when she received the Holy Spirit and couldn’t explain it afterwards.

I didn’t fall down, but I did cry a lot. Sometimes I cry at Communion time too.

The vast majority of Catholics who participate in the healing services I have been to do not fall down. Maybe 1 percent do.


Unfortunately, that seems to be the norm for any thread on Charismatics. I don’t like it either. And I’m not even particularly Charismatic.


Why? The Holy Ghost isn’t scary.


I too would like to know where Brendan Case’s approval came from. He tours extensively with his ministry, visiting many US Catholic Churches with announcements in their bulletins, so approval must be coming from somewhere (I hope), but I cannot find, either on his website or in any news release, article etc any sort of official Catholic Pope or even bishop endorsement of his ministry.


It appears that Brendan Case Ministries is under an umbrella group called SaintMaker Ministries operating out of the Diocese of Phoenix. They are a part of the City of the Lord Covenant Community.

It’s Bishop Olmstead, Phoenix:


@HolySpirit08 that Pope Francis bit is probably a stretch. It seems he has been doing this since the 1990’s.

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