Faith and miracles


So I was doing some thinking on why miracles and the like do not occur as frequently as they did in apostolic times and I think I came up with a possible explanation. So consider this well known verse ‘‘and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains,’’ with ‘‘according as God hath divided to every one the measure of faith.’’

My question/thought was that perhaps because of the smaller church more faith was allotted to the members in the Apostolic Ministry, whereas now, with a much larger body of believers, faith is given in measure to more people and therefore less individually. So ones measure would not be ‘‘able to move mountains’’ unless they had a full measure of faith, which only belongs to all the body of believers collectively… what do you think?


I don’t think God’s gifts can be looked at in finite terms. His gifts are infinite and super abundant. Even though the passage talks about measured allotments, remember that infinity divided by infinity is still infinity. :slight_smile:


miracles happen each day. we just have to open our eyes to see them. it’s the same as someone saying the divine isn’t speaking to me. that person isn’t listening. be well-stay safe.


Jesus performed signs to establish his calling and rank (the deaf hear, the blind can see, etc.).

spiritual transformation is a big miracle and faith and the word cause these transformations.


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