faith and morals

The church is preserved from error in faith and morals. I got the morals part but what consists of faith? Everything else :shrug:

The part that faith encompasses is what is known as the “deposit of faith” which was given to the Church by Christ. The Church can not “add” to the deposit of faith, but it can come to a better/more developed understanding of it. The deposit of faith consists of sacred scripture + apostolic tradition. There is a good explanation of it here:

Yes – if it’s an infallible pronouncement. The Church only claims infallibility in those two areas, so if it’s not about a moral issue then it woud be a faith issue.

Some examples of faith issues would be Church doctrines related to God, the Incarnation, Mary, the Sacraments.

Matters of faith encompass things about the metaphysical reality of our world, such as the nature of God, Christ, our souls, and other things that may come to be known or better defined through theological study in conjunction with what has been taught by the Church Fathers by word of mouth and as is written in Scripture and other historical documentation.

Metaphysics in the church is based on Aristotle and some Plato. That’s not something taught by Jesus and in the deposit of faith is it?

What I mean by metaphysical is what the name suggests, “beyond physical”. Basically, the non-physical.

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