Faith based initiative council now placed in with the EPA

As part of the new Faith-Based Initiatives and Neighborhood partnership offices in the EPA, it appears that religious organizations will have to preach the gospel of Global Warming to get funds. Doesn’t this “partnership” frighten anyone?

Well, environmentalism has practically become a religion, albeit a pagan one. It is not surprise that the profoundly anti-Christian Obama administration would try to co-opt Christianity. Sadly, there are many useful idiots among some protestants and, of course, among the nominal and “cultural” Catholics.

As Catholics, we are to be good stewards of the Earth. That means we should seek to avoid needless pollution and destruction. That does not mean that nature takes precedence over people. In fact, it means exactly the opposite, people ALWAYS take precedence over nature. The Enviro-zealots think the opposite and proclaim that people are the problem. That is fundamentally false.
See Gaia’s big face in the back?
Remember. The power is yours!

How sad that a lame cartoon has become hip.

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