Faith Church, inc

Hello everyone,

This is my first time posting. I’m concerned about the “church” my Stepdaughter and now her “husband” attend. I Live in the Northern Kentucky area, this church is located in an area called Park hills, ky. They have a Facebook page: “Faith Church, Inc.” but I’m having trouble finding any real information about them. Is anyone here familiar with it? or perhaps know where it came from? I attended and the envelopes they have is “Faith Christian Center”

Last night my stepdaughter shocked my wife and I by announcing they were getting married at the end of the service last night…which I & my wife were not approving of. Primarily for me because he has been married 4 times , divorced each time and isn’t even in a state to be free to marry. I have brought this up but even though this church claims to be based on the Word of God, it is apparent that it’s based on the Word of God as long as that Word doesn’t contradict what you want to do.

They are adults and he is the father of 2 my 3 grandchildren, but I can’t help but worry about what kind of place this really is and how it’s going to affect all of their development. Fortunately my oldest Granddaughter(8 years old) chose the Catholic faith last November and was baptized and made her First Communion this past Easter Vigil.

Is anyone out there familiar with this non-denominational branch. I’m suspecting it’s a branch of the Faith Christian Center which appears to have originated in Texas about 7 years ago.

Any information anyone can provide or suggestions on how to deal with this going forward would be greatly appreciated…as well as all of your prayers to lead them out and back to fullness of the Catholic Church.

Thank you

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