Faith Database

I see that Ignatius Press are selling a Faith Database - PC version. In the specs it says it works on Windows 7.
I have Windows 8.1. Does anyone know if it works on that?

Seeing as your computer is more advance it should have no problem running it

If you have reliable internet access don’t water your money. The catholic encyclopedia at new advent’s web site is just as good without cluttering up your hard drive.

It’s not as easy to do word searches within the Church Fathers at New Advent. They also don’t provide access to the Catholic literature you get through the faith database. Things like Karl Adam, Cardinal St. John Henry Newman, and G.K. Chesterton are missing from new advent and present in the Faith Database.

I’d probably contact them through their website to double check before purchasing.

I like Logos/Verbum better as they have a much larger selection of titles and many more tools to utilize, but Faith Database is much less expensive.


True. A better suggestion in Verbum Capstone +. But, to be honest, I have several thousand $ invested into the library, so despite being inexhaustive, it comes with what some might consider too high a price.

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