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We received our free “preview” issue of this magazine today and were excited to browse through it. We have been looking for a good Catholic parenting magazine, an alternative to the more secular Parents, Parenting, American Baby, BabyTalk, etc. magazines.

Do you subscribe to Faith and Family? Do you think it’s worth subscribing to and paying $17.95 for a year of 6 issues? Please share your thoughts about this magazine or if you know of any other Catholic family magazines you can recommend. Side note: We’re familiar with Catholic Digest and Family Foundations (Couple to Couple League publication).Thanks in advance!


:thumbsup: We subscribed to it last fall and my wife and I really enjoy it. I would also reccomend its sister publication the National Catholic Register as it is the only place you will get Catholic news in the proper context with ut the secular media spin. :coffeeread:

by the way, welcome to forums! :tiphat:


No real choice for me in your poll. I think it is a good magazine, however, it is not anything I’d subscribe to. I am just not a magazine kinda person.


Yes, we have a subscription & we will continue it. Both my husband & I have found it to be a great family magazine from a Catholic pov, that brings together a good mix of topics. :thumbsup:


Yup, I get it and I buy subscriptions for my mom and sister at Christmas each year. This time I renewed mine for 3 years and it was $35 for 3 years. You can get it thru Amazon for $12 per year I think.

I enjoy it and like the different catholic traditions they list. I always look forward to getting it in the mail. I quit the parenting mags as they were just getting disgusting and I didn’t want them in my house!


Thank you for your input. $35 for 3 years is quite a deal! I checked Amazon and the price is $17.95 for a year subscription, but I do appreciate the suggestion :). I agree about the parenting mags, but luckily 2 of them are offered at no cost and one I received as a gift. However, I don’t plan to renew any of them at all. Just look through them with a selectively open mind :stuck_out_tongue:


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