Faith Formation - 1st Graders


My daughter is going into 1st grade and will begin her first year of faith formation classes soon!

What do they learn during the first year of faith formation?

What age do the children receive 1st Penance & 1st Eucharist & Confirmation.

I didnt go thru Faith Formation as a child so Im unsure of the ages / timeframe of these sacraments!



The standard for Eucharist and Confession is 7 years old - a lot of parishes group the kids up and do it in 2nd grade regardless of how long ago they turned 7. Confirmation varies by diocese, though, so you’d have to ask around locally.


first confession and first communion happen about the age of reason-- about age 7 years old.
confession must precede Eucharist. canon law.

this usually happens in grade 2 Catholic schools and religious education programs.

but that doesnt mean grade 1 inst important., it is, esp. if the texts are useful.

grade 1 texts should include who is God, early teaching on the Trinity. on creation. on sin and the fall, On Jesus as Savior of the world.

but the most important faith formation should happen at home. families should never miss Mass ( except for illness or taking care of sick family members) families should pray together, read childrens bible together and saint stories. a first grader should spend at least 15 minutes a day with her family in Faith matters.

that way, the program is simply supplementing what you do and live and believe at home.

if you haven’t done these things yet, that’s OK.anywhere you are is a great place to start!!! so many of the children in our programs have parents who only begin to consider these things when their child approaches religious education age. the families who do wonderfully, are the families who CONTINUE past sacrament age-- the families who develop a real faith life and love of God. the families who only “make” sacraments and then quit-- that’s so sad for the kids-- to have been given so much Living Water, then to have the well seemingly run dry.

another great thing you can do-- stay in your child’s religious ed classroom! learn with her. pray with her.


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