Faith Formation Idea?


Hi, I just wanted to ask if there are any particular and Catholic imagery used to convey the concept of tradition? Thanks.


I’ve always liked The Last Supper, but also the Stations of the Cross I always thought were a mainstay of Catholic imagery as well.


Hey, thanks man. I appreciate you. I was actually looking for a way to convey the word “Tradition” in image form. I’m doing a session on Scripture and Tradition and I thought about drawing it on the board. I got the Scripture part down, just not the tradition.


For a friend of mine who wrestled with Tradition during her conversion, this is the image that cinched it for her. Knowing the tradition of the guard at the Tomb of the Unkonwn, that each part, to the number of steps, is important tradition:


For younger kids talk about family traditions. Do they do Christmas gifts in the morning or on Christmas Eve? Do they attend the Midnight Mass or cut their own tree?

What about Thanksgiving traditions, are they whole berry or canned cranberry folks? Ham or turkey?

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