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Basically, they’re saying that since he didn’t get help and his daughter died, he murdered her. He believes that if he had taken her to a doctor he would have been putting the doctor above God, since God promises to heal… very sad that he can’t understand that God can heal through doctors, too.

Citing Marathon County Assistant District Attorney LaMont Jacobson:

Neumann has a constitutional right to freedom of religion as to his beliefs, but not to his conduct, which can be regulated to protect society, Jacobson said.

I’m uncertain where the line between freedom of religion and protection of society is drawn, especially when it involves parental rights to raise their child.

The jury didn’t have an easy time deciding this case. They were deadlocked for nine hours yesterday and had to meet again today.

Apparently, they convicted him.

They also mention the faith healing case here in Oregon. There were two “faith healing” deaths of children last year, the 15 month old they mention here in the article and a teen boy who died of a urinary tract infection weeks before. The case they mention here (Oregon) I believe took over a week to reach a verdict.

I think it is acceptable to say that a religion that allows a child to die of common disease is not a valid one. I do think it is acceptable to say that certian religious views are not worthy of respect. This seems like one of them. I don’t think the constutition allows people to kill their children in the name of religion. This is clearly what this man did.

I don’t think Jehovia witnesses should be allowed to refuse blood treatment to minors also. I’m religious, but that doesn’t mean that I believe that everything one does in the name of religion is a good thing by any means.

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