faith healers

I know I shouldn’t feel this way, but sometimes, faith healers disgust me. My mother and I were watching primetime, I believe, and there was this man called John of God in Brazil, who healed people through the spirit of deceased doctors in the past. After their healing or surgery, they had to avoid alcohol, pork, sex, and pepper because they were considered ‘bad’ for the ‘aura.’ There were catholic pictures of Jesus on the wall, but there was some giant triangle of wood also on the wall with fired lights (candles or mini-torches?) on the bottom two points.

They had people say their testimony of healing, and all of them were wearing white. He did these strange and sometimes gruesome ‘surgeries’ in the open, and by that, the patient usually feel no pain after. They always felt a ‘surge’ of energy just touching him.

Anyone find this slightly disturbing as I do? This doesn’t seem like God at all when ‘spirits of doctors’ and the ‘aura’ is important. Even though there were pictures of Jesus on the wall and the people praying the “Our Father,” this still just doesn’t feel right.

I didn’t watch the rest; I left because it disgusted me. Not once did they mention God or Jesus.

I caught the end of this show last night too. I thought it was pretty weird as well. I don’t believe this guy at all. He’s preying on sick people, who want to believe so bad. I noticed the pictures of Jesus on the wall as well and was disgusted. Pretty sure Jesus has nothing to do with this scam. Didn’t he warn us against false prophets and summoning spirits and the like? Really, I just felt so bad for the sick people that spent their time and money to go down there and get imbued with false hopes. (the guy with lou gehrig’s disease, the lady with breast cancer). Eventually he’ll make enough money and disappear.

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