"Faith healing"

There is a program being aired on British television on Easter Monday looking into “Faith healing” - people who claim to be able to use the power of Jesus to cure the deaf, the blind, the disabled - etc etc. A man called Darren Brown who often uses stagecraft, psychology to pull of stunts is attempting to “teach” a man how to be a convincing Faith Healer, with the intention of showing it as a fraud that anyone can do. They’re also investigating in the USA several prominent healers.

What’s the Catholic Church’s position on faith healing? Has anyone ever experienced this?

I will post a link to the program once it has aired and is available to watch online.

A fellow worked with me some years back who had previously been employed with a fairly famous faith healer here in NE. He said the same thing, that it was all staged.

I would imagine its more common than not. Yea they put their hand on your forehead and the individual faints and is healed. All kinds on nonsense going on.

Not to say that there haven’t been rare case’s such as Edgar Cayce who were actually gifted. They also never charged a dime for there service.

Do you think God works though an individual so they could profit off others afflictions?

God Bless, Gary

Healing is always done by the Lord. Those who are searching for fame and glory for themselves are definitely not doing God’s work. Jesus told the apostles that they could heal the sick if their faith was strong and as reported in the Acts of the Apostles, they did just that- In His name. We are all called to follow God’s will and we pray to be His tools and His messengers. But those you see who are calling attention to themselves as the healer are on somebody else’s payroll!

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